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Divorce Cake Is A Rare Wedding Cake Cross That Is Super Heavy

While it’s impossible to keep up with every new cannabis strain, some strains come along that are worth keeping tabs on. The Wedding Cake strain is seemingly on everyone’s radar in both recreational and medical industries. Wedding Cake is seemingly as popular as ever and it’s being used to breed new batches of strain prospects like Divorce Cake.

Wedding Cake and The White were bred together to create the Divorce Cake strain. For those who need a refresher course, Wedding Cake comes from breeding Triangle Kush with Animal Mints. It’s a strain that carries incredible traits like its resinous feel, frosty appearance, and creamy mint aromas. Pair those with high THC percentages (commonly ranging between 25-30 percent THC), this strain is hard to keep on the shelves.

The White cannabis strain is the perfect vehicle to take Wedding Cake’s genetics to another level. While a rare strain to find by itself, it’s a common breeding partner for strains like Tahoe Cookies (to create White Tahoe Cookies.) The White is known for producing fierce amounts of trichomes and breeders want to pass that along as much as possible. Everyone loves buds wrapped in milky resinous coats, no matter what kind of cannabis it is.

It’s hard to find a lot of user experiences with Divorce Cake. I believe it’s safe to assume from its genetic background you’re going to get a sweet smelling hybrid that potent effects across the board. “She smells incredible straight Yellow cake and White Wedding Cake mixed together,” the Jungle Boys wrote on their Instagram. Jungle Boys are one of the few brands growing the Divorce Cake strain.

Divorce Cake is available at TLC Collective locations in California.

Divorce Cake is an up and coming cannabis strain derived from Wedding Cake and The White. These two strains created a turbo charged hybrid experience.