diesel nightshade strain

Top 10 Diesel strains

The Diesel line of cannabis has a history shrouded in myth that begins in the early 90’s. It wasn’t the result of expert breeding over time, but instead, serendipity. The chance discovery of 13 seeds in a bag of what was meant to be sinsemilla led to one of the most popular strains of the modern age. The mother was an indoor strain called Dog Bud. The father of the seeds is unknown, and they may have been the result of self-pollination.

When these seeds were germinated and grown to maturity something special had been discovered. The citrus sour, earth and fuel aromas were unique and the THC levels were exceptional for the time. The new strain and its sisters were stand-alone classics that went on to become favorite breeding stock. The progeny are what are now well-known examples of primo contemporary ganja. This list gives ten of the best examples of Diesel hybrids available today.

Here's our selection of the top 10 Diesel cannabis strains. These hybrids represent some of the best marijuana available in the world today.