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Dominant Origins & Notables


As a derivative of OG Kush, Blood Diamond OG is often classified as a hybrid. In spite of that, its growing characteristics are almost 100% Indica. The plant is short and shaggy, with a height that rarely exceeds 160 cm (5.2 feet). Due to this compact size, it does not occupy too much space while growing. This makes it suitable for either indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Similar to the precious stones it was named after, this strain is known for its strength. It is not sensitive to stress, harsh weather, and other common plant problems such as mold and mildew. It is also quite resilient and easily forgives novice growers’ mistakes.

With rudimentary care, lime-green buds encrusted with bright yellow pistils will soon be ready to harvest. Each nug is laden with diamond-like crystals, and even the sugar leaves shimmer under bright lights. This brilliant shine is caused by THC-rich trichomes that this strain has in luxuriant amounts. In fact, it is highly advisable to wear gloves during harvest to prevent sticky fingers and gummed-up tools.

Flowering Time


As stated earlier, small spaces are no problem when it comes to growing this strain. It can easily fit into cramped areas. Nonetheless, if there is an option to cultivate the plants in a greenhouse, so much the better. It gives growers tighter control and enables them to mimic outdoor growing conditions.

It is also recommended to use the SOG (Sea of Green) setup. For newbies, this simply means growing a “sea” of cannabis inside the space and encouraging the plants to enter the flowering stage earlier. Consequently, powerful grow lights such as 1,000-watt lamps and changing the light schedule to 20/4 are required catch up with the plants’ needs.

A couple of warnings, though: do not overcrowd the bushes to avoid moisture accumulation; the magic number is 16 plants per square meter. It is also essential to prune the leaves occasionally to avoid increased humidity and, at the same time, expose the lower branches to more light.

For advanced growers who decide to push through with cloning, the use of hydroponics is optimum. Growing the plants in water and nutrients only, without any soil, costs less in the long run. Additionally, it is space-efficient, allowing more plants to be cultivated at any given time. Come harvest time, a generous yield of 500 grams (17 to 18 ounces) per square meter will be worth the extra trouble.


Medical Application

Adverse Reactions

Like most marijuana, smoking Blood Diamond OG leads to xerostomia, which means extremely dry mouth. Dry eyes are another common side effect. Currently, there is no solution to deter these negative reactions completely, but you can reduce the impact of a dry mouth by constantly rehydrating with water. For parched eyes, try brewing a bag of green tea, let it cool, then place it over your eyes for 10 minutes.

Anxiety and paranoia are also common undesirable effects of gorging on excessive amounts of marijuana. Consuming small quantities at a time can help mitigate the chances of these from happening.


Blood Diamond OG is a true-blue Indica, and the characteristics are prominent in its effects. It manifests as a calm yet uplifting buzz that is sure to take over your body from head to toe. However, a friendly reminder: this strain is also known for its high potency. So before indulging in its full glory, be sure to take it in a safe and secure area.

A minute after smoking (or gobbling, depending on your preference), a satisfying euphoria will overwhelm you. It noticeably boosts the mood and makes you forget your problems for a while. There may also be a sense of wanting to tackle multiple tasks at once. Nevertheless, that energy almost immediately fades into profound relaxation.

When taken in small amounts, a soothing sensation trickles all over you, and you might feel your limbs getting heavy. It releases the tensions that have been lurking in your muscles and joints. Soon after, you will be overpowered by tranquility, and you will welcome that feeling as if you had been waiting for it for a long time.

As you relax, your eyelids will begin to flutter and droop, signaling the narcotic inertia that is about to come. Without a doubt, you will soon be in a deep slumber. For this reason, this strain is more suited to end a long, winding day. Take it a few hours before bedtime for the best sleep of your life.



Similar Strains

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Another long-time Indica favorite with a hefty THC level is Hindu Kush Fem. This quintessential ganja from the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan induces ecstasy that makes you never want to leave your couch. Exceedingly easy to grow, it is a popular beginner-friendly strain for people who are only starting to explore cannabis cultivation.

On the other end of the marijuana grower’s rainbow, you will find 3 Kings OG Kush Fem. This Sativa-dominant hybrid will give you the royal treatment with an energizing and motivating buzz that lasts for hours. It is also useful for quick-onset pain relief, even during the daytime. Although it is a bit harder to grow, this “Holy Trinity” is well worth the effort with its 600-gram (21 ounces) yield.

Or, if you need the perfect wake ‘n bake partner, try Green Crack Fem today. It produces a refreshing jolt that will galvanize you to move, move, move! With a single hit or two, it awakens the senses and offers a mental boost, creating an outpouring of creative ideas and intense focus. You are sure to have a productive day with this one.

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