delhi friend strain

Delhi Friend (Strain Review)

This cannabis flower was purchased from Firehorse dispensary in Eugene, OR in early December 2020

What we know: There’s a handful of links but they’re all seed-selling sites. This strain is claimed to be “95% indica” with strong couch-locking properties.

First Dose: Small dose (.040g smoked in a glass pipe – about one big hit, held in for 5 seconds)
The effects sort of creep on. After 5 minutes I am feeling extremely mellow in the head and face and my body has a warm glow. I feel some physical relaxation and my vision get fuzzy. Ten minutes later I let out a couple yawns but overall I’m still pretty functional, just physically relaxed. There is a little something in the front of the face keeping me alert but my brow is drooped. Leaning back in my chair and watching some History Channel is lovely. I feel myself getting more drowsy and my brain starts to slow down a bit. I do some small tasks and watch some more TV and I’m feeling nice.

An hour after dosing and I still have a nice warm glow around my body and a very calm and relaxed mind. Leaning back feels nice and there might be some narcotic vibes. I could probably curl up in bed and fall asleep if I wanted to. But it’s a bit early so I stay up longer. I’m not very intoxicated, just very relaxed. I end up staying up for a bit and doing random tasks around the house and watch some TV, and fall asleep about 2 hours after dosing.

Final Thoughts: That was nice! A not too-crazy, beginner friendly experience. Some xanax-like physical relaxation and a little bit of warm opiate glow but not too intoxicating. It’s great for getting the body and mind ready for bedtime but it won’t knock you out, at least not in lower doses.

Delhi Friend brings heavy physical relaxation, a mellow mind, and a warm narcotic glow.