deep purple strain

Deep purple strain

May also treat lyme disease as the symptoms are identical to the fibromyalgia. THC in this strain helps the tremors, but not enough CBD for seizures. Any long term chronic pain medical users will like this for the pain. I smoke it before I go to bed. And smoke others in the morning, as I am not trying to fall asleep at work LOL!

I grew 5 seeds two female three male. I collected the pollen and crossed afghani kush, NL #5, Maple Leaf, and DP. The pheno’s were beautful Indica plants all with purple overtones, some completely purple. Taste like grape crush or candy. Very potent and I will continue to cross all my others with this strain. Do not throw out your males. OG JC OHIO

Deep Purple is a heavily indica dominant hybrid (90% indica/10% sativa) strain made by breeders at the infamous TGA Genetics farm. Deep Purple was created to combine the best elements of the widely popular Purple Urple X Querkle strains. This dank strain boasts a moderately high 18-22% THC level …