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The somewhat ominously named Death Star weed is an Indica dominant weed that was created in Ohio by crossing Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, which has won a handful of awards in the Indica section of the Cannabis Cup over the years. It’s been a popular weed across the American Mid-West and the East Coast – especially after a 2010 feature on the weed in High Times magazine.

With its Sour Diesel parentage, it’s no surprise that Death Star weed has a very strong smell while it grows, which is reminiscent of skunk and diesel fumes. When smoked, the taste is somewhat gentler. It still has some sour notes but these are tempered with a noticeable sweetness and fruity tones. The high hits quickly and is likely to leave you euphoric but couchlocked. Inexperienced smokers should approach this weed with caution. Medically, this weed is recommended for sleeplessness, poor appetite and pain relief.

Death Star seeds produce plants of medium height. The sticky buds are a mid-green colour and feature orange to red hairs and a heavy coating of shiny crystals. THC content is a potent 20 percent.

Indoors, this plant thrives in soil or hydro and the flowering time is eight to nine weeks. Yields are in the medium range.

You can grow the Death Star strain outdoors as long as you choose a sheltered, sunny spot and plant out seedlings when there is no risk of frost.

Death Star weed is renowned for its high THC levels and the resulting potency of its high. The sour flavor may not be to everyone’s taste but if you enjoy the Diesel type strains, then you’ll appreciate this weed.

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the deathstar in these pictures isn’t the real death Star. Ohio deathstar has zigzag internodes that easily transform plants into bushes, she has alot of fingers on her leaves.. and she has a dark green color almost purple but not purple. this strain is an absolute knock out in every aspect possible..

does anyone kwon what year deathstar was created

does anyone knwo what year it was originally created

Rob Malone , I have been growing this strain exclusively for 5 years now . I find that the yellowing in the later Bloom phase can be troublesome . It took me awhile to adjust the correct nutrient recipe . I’ve used advanced nutes , the full line , both in Coco , and DWC . It seems to be a nitrogen defic . At least in my experience. Where mist plants love the extra PK and Potash late in bloom , DeathStar likes a little less of the ” Bloom ” nutrients . And a little extra nitrogen , I use Stump tea , and a veg booster in veg , and add a little bit of the grow nutes mid week before feeding on my regular schedule of feed ,water , water stop all bloom boosters at week 6 . She seems to retain salts a bit more than other strains I’ve dealt with , so I flush for at least 10 days DWC , and 14 days in Coco , the taste is greatly improved by the flush . I do not use flushing agents , just plain old RO water . It has been very successful for me . Hope it helps .

Simple answer… wait. Don’t be impatient. Would you eat chicken?

@Victoria are you sure it’s an authentic cut of DeathStar? How would you rate the smell and do the internodes stagger themselves? Authentic DeathStar has a zigzagging pattern to the internodes, it’s also one of the smelliest plants I’ve come across, esp once you get late into flowering. Also how many weeks did you take her? It’s definitely a knockout strain when done right

Hi! I just harvested and am now curing the buds of my very first grow ever. One of the plants was Death Star. I smoked a little right before curing and did not get high at all. Is this common? Does the THC levels increase that much during the curing process? I plan on curing for at least 4 weeks.

I was injured in 2003 doing health care, one of my patient slipped on the wheelchair ramp and fell on my left leg and I feel on edge of ramp cracked tailbone. Then moved back to South Dakota closer to family. Had gotten me another job and one day from work I was rear ended by a small truck and messed my back and neck up. To where I had to have a bridge put in my back fused my two lower back bones together and to hit fusions and now pain pump is put in. None of which none of this hardly works I’m tired of taking all these pills and having cloudy memory, wonder if this would help at all for the low back pain, headaches, hip pain.

I’m getting a lot of yellowing in my plants. 4th week of bloom. Any ideas? I’ve been adding cal-mag and running nutes at 1480ish ph-6

Grow Death Star weed for a potent indica dominant strain that has a sour flavor that is tempered by sweetness. Inexperienced smokers proceed with caution!