death star strain

Death star strain

i found this strain hard to review, but when a good weed comes, a good weed comes, and this one is definitely a good one. the flower smells like a strong pungent, citric and skunky aroma, a really smooth scent, mostly citric. it also tastes like citric and diesel, a good flavor for a flower, i found it a great taste, the buds were large and thin, others looked more round and dense, the flowers display great colors, not so bright but really good tones, crystals are visible and the buds look and feel dense and i said, some buds were kinda thin and tall sticks.the strain displays an excellent overall of effects that you might expect in an indica flower,a little euphoric sensation,a more relaxing and mellow feeling, a great body high and head high, specially body high, a very relaxing strain for sure. it can induce sleepy effects at late high, also,expect munchies, it made me really hungry. I would recommend this strain for nighttime or evening use, after a workout, job, etc This is a really great indica strain.

I just picked it up. mines comes from BC I just smoked my first joint. This is some good shit. I’m feeling so smiley. Sick of Sativa. I’m flying. Yep full on Star Wars vibes. I have a limited edition starwars adidas jacket with the Death Star on the back. LOL i’m giggly and going to put it on! LOL like the song says. that’s some good ass weed! SUNDAY FUNDAY. P.S. i’m chronic and this shit is the bomb! I hope my boy toy comes over to try this. seee how stoned I am LOL Love, MinX

I got lucky and somebody i know got deathstar weed and manage to have 2 seeds they gave me and both are growing nicely but still don’t know if autoflowers or feminised.but i know nothing about strain

IF anyone here can find real death Star I would be willing to buy them a bag of it for some good directions and a point in the right direction.

Awesome. very sweet and powerful. Nice easy 92% INDO cart. Recommended !! Good for pain. PTSD and neuropathy 😁

Simply love it. I’m from the 70s so I’ve been smoking pot since then. Sometimes it’s hard to find a strain that does anything for me. Due to the sativa‘s in the world. I just landed some of this tonight and I got to tell you, it’s wonderful! Very dense buds! Slow burning, which is a good thing! Sweet pine scent. I’m happy I found a new weed!! I am not fond of sativa. I’ve been smoking since the early 70s and that’s all we had and the potency wasn’t as good as it is today. The only good thing about it was an OZ only cost $15 when I started smoking. That was Mexican garbage however Columbia started coming out and it went up to $20. By the time I got in my late 30s probably mid 30s it wasn’t doing anything for me. Then in my 40s medical came out. Which was a good thing. When I smoke sativa, I immediately get a headache. And it makes me nervous to the point I can’t stand myself. Anybody out there having the same problem with some of these hybrids? Seems like people my age do you not like sativa. Some of the effects are the same. Anyone out there having the same problem? But as far as this strain train goes, I’m definitely going along for the ride. Relaxing now, good weed! See ya!

Death Star is a cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel which is most commonly known as an indica dominant. Death Star possesses the best attributes of both its parents. Its name is assumed to be linked with Star Wars movies. It has the indica/sativa ratio of 75% to 25%. The strain bud, when cru…


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A real treat for Diesel-lovers and those seeking a balanced overall experience, this Death Star really did bring the best of both its parent strains. Early Diesel effects subsided into an ultra-relaxing and sedative Indica that carried a variety of medical benefits. The grow quality was top-notch, with no real flaws and a pleasing appearance, smell, and taste. The potency is rather high overall and it lasted a long time, so we’d recommend this mostly to moderate to experienced patients who like an acrid taste spectrum and an up-then-down experience.



Bred in 2001-2002 by Team Deathstar in Ohio, the clone began moving through elite circles circa 2004-2005


With its strong green and orange coloring, solid structure, and a very nice coating of frost, Death Star haS a classic yet impressive look, made up mostly of large calyxes well-covered in trichomes


Maybe the highlight of this strain, the aroma was very pungent, both pre and post-grind. The sour fuel stank carried notes of rubber, menthol, and lemon but also had a strange sweetness lingering in the background. The combination of those smells made this one really noteworthy and impressive to our staff — great choice for Diesel-lovers.


Very much like the smell, the taste was a slight sweet Diesel-dominant flavor with hints of citrus and soil and hash. The sweetness was elusive and seemed to come and go, but when the whole package was present, it was top-notch.


A building pressure in the eyes and around the back of the head and temples started things off, with an increase in heart rate and some perspiration happening at times. The body started buzzing early on and that kept up throughout the experience, though it turned to more of a warming feeling as it went on. The Indica side of this cross showed up almost out of nowhere, with a couchlocked yet mentally clear and social effect coupled with the warm and relaxed body. This one seemed to depend on mood and time of day a bit, as a large dosage in the evening sent one reviewer to bed unexpectedly, but most daytime reviews were very relaxed but not narcotic or sleep-inducing.

A real treat for Diesel-lovers and those seeking a balanced overall experience, this Death Star really did bring the best of both its parent strains. Early Diesel effects subsided into an ultra-relaxing and sedative Indica that carried a variety of medical benefits. The grow quality was top-notch