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Cotton Candy Strain – Everything you need to know and more!

Cotton Candy Kush is a cross between two strains, one of which is a prime example of the skunk weed strains, the other is one of the most chronic, or, simply put, one of the top marijuana strains. Cotton Candy has a fantastic berry taste, with some supremely euphoric effects. This makes it a very popular strain for a variety of medical conditions, which will be discussed a little further down. There is some confusion, as there are two strains with the same name. One is only popular in Canada, and the other is the one we’re going to talk about.

This strain is sometimes called Purple Candy strain, Cotton Candy Weed, Orange Cotton Candy, Blue Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy extract, Pineapple Cotton Candy, or Blue Candy Weed.

Handful o’ Cotton Candy got us feeling like a little kid again! Photo: @purplepalmtrees10

Cotton Candy Kush: Indica or Sativa?

Cotton Candy Kush is an Indica-leaning hybrid, but it definitely still has some Sativa effects. These come by way of cerebral effects, which will leave you feeling both uplifted and relaxed at the same time. This is a landrace cross strain because one of its parent strains was derived from the South African landrace strain, Durban Poison. The two strains crossed together make for a certified dank strain, and Cotton Candy Kush is extremely popular for its uplifting effects and amazing flavor.

Cotton Candy Kush genetics

This strain was originally created by Delicious Seeds, who are known for creating well…. delicious strains. Cotton Candy Kush is no different, and its large buds and fantastic flavor make it for perfect grinding . The two strains that were smashed together to create Cotton Candy were:

  • Lavender
  • Power Plant

If you’re familiar with marijuana genetics, then you will know that both of these strains are well-known for taste and effects, and Cotton Candy Kush inherits both of these from its famous parents.

Cotton Candy Kush THC percentage

The average indica or indica-dominant hybrid contains around 12.5% THC. However, Cotton Candy is a dank strain, and as such contains (on average) around 17% THC. The strongest phenotypes of this strain can contain up to 20% THC. If you do get one of these stronger phenotypes, you may feel that you can’t get up from the sofa. This is called couch lock, if you’re experiencing couch lock and want to know how to get back up, then follow this guide:

  • Drink a coffee, a strong one, maybe an espresso
  • Have a cold shower – stay in as long as you can withstand!
  • Go for a run or a swim; swimming is better

After this, you should feel better. And remember, the couch lock is all in your head.

Cotton Candy Kush price

The price of Cotton Candy is fairly low. That is because the seeds are available online from the original breeder, making the supply fairly high. This, combined with a general demand for strains with higher THC content, makes the demand lower than for other dankenstein strains. As such, you shouldn’t really be paying any more than $10 a gram for this strain.

Cotton Candy Kush taste

Cotton Candy Kush definitely inherited all the best parts of its parent strains, and as such should be enjoyed inside a flower vaporizer or maximum taste experience. The full taste profile of this strain is:

  • Sweet
  • Lavender
  • Pungent
  • Herbal
  • Floral

Cotton Candy oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

You can turn any strain you like into edibles. It doesn’t really matter which strain it is, as most strains give the same potency when they’re turned into edibles. This is because a lot of the THCA (raw THC) remains as THCA even when you eat your weed. Thus, you should really look for cheap strains to use as edible fodder, which, other than the taste, is a reason why Cotton Candy is a great option for using to make edibles. If you’re using a flower vaporizer, you can simply use your leftover bud to make extremely potent edibles quickly and easily. Just mix your vaped bud with a fat or an oil and BANG you’re done. If you want to use normal bud, then simply decarboxylate your weed first, and then mix it with a fat or oil.

You can also use any buds you want to make Butane Hash Oil (also known as oil, wax, shatter, etc.) The secret to this is that you want both a tasty and potent bud. Cotton Candy Kush is a great example of a potent tasty bud and therefore would make a fantastic BHO.

Time to twirl this Cotton Candy up! Photo: @cattwenty

Which form do you want your Cotton Candy in? Photo: @dab_queenreno

Did you say, "melt your stress away?" Why, yes! We did! Cotton Candy Kush is one of the best strains out there to help tokers relax after a long day. An indica-dominant hybrid, this strain should be easy to find and definitely easy to enjoy. Growing takes care, but yield should be super high! Just like you will be!