cornbread bubba strain

Cornbread bubba strain

I agree it’s great for anxiety and relaxation. PTSD approved

Just received an oz. today. And the nugs are super fluffy but nice and frosty. The oz. Looked huge compared to the White 99. Smoked out of a eyce chillum with the glass bowl. Taste was a little wierd at first. Kinda earty, musty? Second hit was really nice. Every other hit tasted better and better. Overall the buzz was real stoney. It was perfect that I hit it in the late evening. Ate a bowl of ice and slept till the alarm.

Bubba Cornbread is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Bubba Kush with the infamous Triangle Kush. This bud may not taste like your favorite cornbread, but it does bring on a classic woody herbal flavor that will leave your mouth watering. The smell is very…