cookies and cream strain

Cookies and cream strain

Cookies and Cream Strain

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 26%

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Popular Strains In Your Area cough. Euphoria and no headaches. This strain is great for pain and anxiety while not interference with sleep. Great strain!! Will definitely purchase again. I have a very high tolerance and this is a keeper.

I love this strain! I’m a medicinal patient and I use cannabis for pain, anxiety, ptsd, and non epileptic seizure disorder. This strain was perfect after my surgery. Helped me stay pain free most of the day, while sweeping any worry or depression away that I may be experiencing. Definitely a great strain if you’re suffering any type of ptsd or depression. I used this 8th to make home made jarred cannabutter. It came out at 700 mg total for the 8th after I properly processed and infused. After about 2 hours I had my perfect product. I was so pleased with it. I only needed a teaspoon of the butter to feel perfect high, and relief that I was looking for. Knowing me I did 3 teaspoons worth and ohhhhh boy lol. Lets just say I didn’t need 3 the next time around lol. As for anxiety, if you do this strain in moderation, it will not induce anxiety that you already have. But too much of it can definitely trigger some anxiety in the individual.

Very good all around and just for it’s medical properties. Don’t pass on this one. A+

The smoothest strain I’ve had literally so creammmy and buttery. Honestly delicious going down into my lungs

This was pleasant. Did not cause anxiety and long lasting. Laughed my ass off playing trivia games. Vaped it

This strain tastes and smells wonderful. I was enjoying the taste sweet and cookie like, then I noticed after 3 quick hits I was very stoned. I thought a strain called cookies in cream would be great tasting flower with low thc, but hell na. This dank bud averages 26% thc. That is one of the strongest strains I have ever tried. It nails you from all directions and is so much more powerful than I figured it would be. A pleasant surprise and I will be getting more cookies and cream in the future. This strain has it all taste, smell, effect. You will not be disappointment if you get an OZ of cookies and cream. It makes everything that much better including its effect. You will get very stoned with this flower, but do not worry about anything. The high is clean, euphoric, strong, dank. This has become one of my favorite strains and I will buy it again.

Amazing! Treats my 25 Dx perfectly! Smell, taste, and high 10/10 for me.

Good weed but still not enough but it’s good I recommend it to anybody that likes good weed but just not enough.

Found me some Cookies & Cream in Los Angeles at my favorite dispensary. The batch has a test date and a total cannabinoid @30.51%. That is not a typo. Out of the package the buds are BIG , dense, light green, with orange hairs and shiny crystals. The batch is extremely fresh although the manicure job looked a little rushed. The smell is extremely fresh and floral. smells more sativa than indica. Would not suggest rolling a joint with this flower. it’s definitely a pipe hitter. I took two good rips off my little pipe and within a minute I had the perfect head buzz above the cheeks and an hour later I can still feel it with a little munchie need kicking in. I can see where a couch lock could kick in. one more rip would probably be too much. And I’m a 30+ year bud enthusiast. Pretty mild with no post exhale cough. The flavor is earthy and sweet. If there is a vanilla hint it’s subtle and not overwhelming. Good flower and will add to my purchase menu going forward.

Cookies and Cream is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through a cross of Starfighter X Unknown Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. This tasty bud took 1st Place for Best Hybrid in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup for its insanely delicious flavor and powerhouse hybrid effec…