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Cookies and Cream feminized seeds

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Cookies and Cream is a hybrid marijuana strain with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genetics. With an unimaginable THC concentration of 26%, this cannabis strain is much more potent than many others in the market. Smoking Cookies and Cream yields an overwhelming and relaxing high, making it ideal for use at night before jumping into bed. This citrus-flavored strain can also be put to medicinal use – it’s commonly used to combat insomnia, anxiety, depression and arthritis-related pain.

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Cookies And Cream – The Sweet Strain Ideal For A Calm, Soaring High

This superior hybrid marijuana strain induces a happy, chill and calm high, making it a perfect solution for insomnia and anxiety. Cookies and Cream is sly and stealthy, and its uplifting yet relaxing effects will creep up on you when you least expect it. Its Sativa profile counteracts the properties of its Indica effects, making it ideal for an afternoon trip around the block without the fear of couch lock.

A Sweet, Nutty Aroma That Makes For A Pleasurable Stone

Cookies and Cream is aptly named, with a terpene profile that’s eerily reminiscent of your favorite confectionery items – ice cream and cookies. This hybrid strain has a pungently sweet, nutty and earthy aroma that develops a hint of vanilla as soon as you light up.

The Creamy Flavor Of Cookies And Cream

This strain is famous for its flavor and easily lives up to its reputation. It leaves a sweet vanilla and nutty taste on the tongue, complete with creamy butter undertones. This great taste is the highlight of enjoying Cookies and Cream, and will set you up for a delightful smoke with friends.

The Strain’s Rewarding Grow

Cookies and Cream can be grown both outdoors and indoors. When planted indoors, it takes as little as 8 weeks to grow and flower. It may yield as much as 340g to 450g (12 to 16 ounces) of dark, pine-green bud per square meter of plant. Outdoors, this strain may yield as much as 450g per plant each harvest. The harvesting period runs from late September to early October.

  • This hybrid strain is quite challenging to cultivate on your own, especially if it’s your first time as a grower.
  • It does much better indoors, where you can provide high-powered lamps and a grow tent.
  • It grows to about 6 feet tall thanks to its Sativa profile. To maintain its height, you should practice topping and lollipopping.
  • This strain responds quite well to both soil and hydroponics.

The Enviable Genetics of Cookies and Cream

This hybrid marijuana strain was bred by Exotic Genetix. It’s a cross between an undisclosed phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies and the pungent Starfighter strain. Because of this superior genetic pairing, Cookies and Cream has both character and history. In inheriting a blend of its famed parents’ properties, it’s truly a superstar strain.

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