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Compound Genetics

Compound Genetics is a US seed bank based in the state of California. It was created by two friends, passionate people and marijuana lovers who through many years of hard work cultivating and selecting varieties, create new and exciting high level genetics.

Compound Genetics motto is “We serve the plant”, the proof of their natural passion for the cannabis plant. Their work is a guarantee of quality, as the selection and testing of all their genetics is the method to ensure that all their genetics are of the highest standard.

Compound Genetics creators of Jet Fuel Gelato, Coma Cake, Horchata and Ice Cream Man

The seed bank has created new genetic lines from genetics such as Legent Orange Apricot. This variety is a collage of several world-renowned strains. Among these we find works of great reputation breeders like Cannarado, Capulator, Crane City, Harry Palms, Jungle Boys, Oni Noodles and Seeds Junky Genetics among others.

Compound Genetics is continuously evolving. Its creation process never stops either with its own crosses or with collaborations with other banks. An example is Coma Cake, a cross between Coma Og by Compound and Wedding Cake by Seed Junky, one of the strains with great cannabis potential.

Jet Fuel Gelato (Gelato 45 x Jet Fuel Og F1) is another of the varieties used to create a genetic line that is capable of passing on incredible flavour and power to its descendants. These new hybrids inherit the tremendous organoleptic profiles that stand out both in the buds consumed using a Cannabis vaporiser or in resin extractions.

American flavours and aromas with a great psychoactive power

The Menthol, Gelato 45 x (White Diesel x (High Octane x Jet Fuel), is yet another of the cuttings used as a base for new marijuana strains creation. Selection work carried out through multiple crosses leads to the development of proven quality new great varieties.

This US seed bank usually works with limited edition strains. It is important to be alert for especial opportunities to buy seeds from Compound Genetics because often the stock is quickly exhausted and it will not be possible to get those strains again.

Regular Cannabis Seeds of Cailfornia (USA)

Compound genetics seeds

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Compound Genetics is a US seed bankbased in the state of California. – Compound Genetics motto is "We serve the plant", the proof of their natural passion for the cannabis plant.