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Top 15 Most Beautiful Cannabis Strains That Can Make You Sit Around and Gaze at it For Days

Have you ever snatched a cannabis bud that was so beautiful that you would even not like to smoke it? The heterogeneity of cannabis strains available today can make any pot connoisseur thrilled. These flowers differ in flavors and potency, but the most beautiful cannabis strains’ visual appearance never fails to intrigue us.

Despite innumerable green shades, some flowers take on red, blue, black, white, pink, or golden tints. And yet many can render deeper and hazier tones like purple or dark brown.

Often numerous people say that more potent strains generally render vivid colors. But it is anthocyanins, or water-soluble shades, connected to the soil’s pH level that becomes flower’s colors.

These pigments make fruits like mangoes and cranberries their specific shades. So if you’re interested in savoring the rainbow of reefer, start here with this rundown of the 15 most beautiful cannabis strains.

Not just will their stunning great looks leave you astounded, but you’ll cherish how they taste and smell too.

Most Beautiful Cannabis Strains – Our Top 15 Picks

Some of these strains are so beautiful that you could just sit around and gaze at it for days, cherishing the plant’s striking tones from different angles.

#1 – Purple Kush (fem) by ILGM

It grows short and shaggy like most Indicas, and these lively colors will breathe new life into your nursery. The deep purple tint of the flowers causes the condensed buds to take after grapes or small blueberries.

The strain takes after a merry and fruity little tree fit for melting anxiety with a puff. The overall esthetic of this plant, in combination with its intense flavors, make it extraordinary. This visually appealing marijuana strain will keep you relaxed and alert, making for a body-high combined with a slight head-high.

#2 – LA Confidential (fem) by ILGM

LA Confidential is a kind of weed that necessities bunches of supplements to arrive at its maximum capacity, so stock up on additions for this one. During flowering, the plant holds phosphorus and potassium for the buds to form into thick, healthy nugs. It’s also one of the most beautiful cannabis strains cherished by pot lovers.

#3 – Fruity Pebbles Feminized by MSNL

A taste from this pot will fill you with deep-felt delight and a stimulating chill to get you through the day. Even though this strain thought originated in the mid-2000s and has no specific lineage, it has just become a well-known strain for relaxation.

This Indica-dominant gem is clingy, as you would anticipate. The plant is generally light green and connected with red and orange trichomes. These little esthetic buds pack a weighty punch and induce couch lock.

#4 – Gorilla Glue Autoflower by ILGM

Moreover, its resin makes her buds and the whole plant super-clingy like paste. Even if the temperatures vary in your indoor growing place or outdoor site, the plant will produce potent green buds canvassed thoroughly in smooth white and golden trichomes.

Its insane potency and her dynamite smell and effect ought to explain why Gorilla Glue is one of these “must-have” strains for every genuine grower. Make the most of it, and you will understand that the publicity is indeed natural and well justified!

#5 – Panama Fem by i49

Panama Red will spring up in most internet search you do about colorful and most beautiful cannabis strains. Panama Red’s an old school Sativa with energizing effects. The plant grows tall with skinny leaves with red-orange, red-purple, and red-green colors that make it resemble the cannabis adaptation of Carrot Top. With it being so old, you probably won’t find it in many dispensaries.

#6 – Banana Kush (fem) by ILGM

Banana Kush comes in energetic, practically fluorescent green buds that are thickly canvassed in smooth white trichomes. Red and wiry orange pistils add a touch of color to this sweet and hearty strain. Banana Kush strains are often oval-molded.

Banana Kush holds both Sativa and Indica characteristics that are therapeutic and relaxing. This present strain’s mood-enhancing properties can help with pressure and misery, while the body high is often valuable for muscle throb and extensive pain.

#7 – Rainbow Kush Feminized by Dutch Seeds Shop

Even its name pronounces its brilliance and boldness, giving a full scope of appearance to the bud. With tones of citrus, tropical, and berry zest, this strain provides an imaginative, euphoric high. I t originated from crossing Dancehall and Blueberry strains.

Besides, its flowers give a full range of brightness that even those not thrilled about marijuana will gaze at it in wonder. Rainbow Kush can offer pain relief as it doesn’t overwhelm the body or give a substantial sensation. Nonetheless, this striking strain uplifts whoever consumes it, not just for its liveliness but also for its feel-great vibes.

#8 – Skywalker OG (fem) by ILGM

Moreover, you will feel spikes of zesty pleasantness. This smell will linger as you begin to taste the smoke. The name originates from the presence of the green-colored buds with crystallized hairs that tint to orange. Let us confess to you that seeing the strain is sufficient to pine for it!

#9 – Pinkman Goo by Weed Seed Express

This plant comprises nearly 18% THC, with less gooey flowers out there. Not be exceeded by the most colorful cannabis strains, it looks lovely because of its dewiness.

It also has gorgeous purple-rimmed leaves and thick purple-tinted buds which hypnotize the eyes. Its gritty fragrance cinches its delightful and electrifying intrigue, making Pinkman Goo a bud to obtain.

#10 – Zkittlez (fem) by ILGM

This strain provides a moderate-high that is suitable for beginner or occasional users. THC levels can change somewhere in the range of 15% and 23%, depending on how you grow it. Zkittlez is an excellent strain for a steady, pleasant high. While the effects are mild and cerebral, it is more of a relaxing buzz than a powerful rush.

One puff of this delicious strain, and you’ll know why Zkittlez got its name after the fruity rainbow candy. The individuals who try it state they aren’t merely tasting the rainbow; they see it as well.

#11 – Mimosa Champagne by Seedsman

Mimosa is generally new to the world of cannabis. However, this best in class creation from Symbiotic Genetics has fanned out quickly through the cannabis-loving community since its introduction. This strain is genuinely stunning as it shimmers and glints when putting in both sunshine and artificial light.

Mimosa is a tremendous Sativa-dominant half breed strain that has more than merely great looks going for it. Users adore this strain because of its energetic, cold appearance, fruity yet lively smell, and incredibly energizing impressions.

#12 – Tangie Fem by i49

Tangie is a tall weed plant with small, light green buds. It produces a liberal measure of trichomes with bright orange pistils that grow prominently around the leaves. Besides, its purplish tones are breathtakingly fantastic and separate this strain regarding its magnificence.

Tangie is a tremendous, multi-award-winning cannabis strain. Besides, it has won ten different awards at the Cannabis Cups. Moreover, Tangie’s cerebral effects are fast-acting. Users experience a euphoric high which tapers off gradually, leaving smokers of this strain feeling glad, uplifted, and stimulated.

#13 – Strawberry Cough (fem) by ILGM

While it is low in maintenance, pruning of extra foliage and allowing a good breeze will make it flourish. You will notice the most beautiful strain with strawberry composition all over the ragged green covering.

#14 – Sirius Black Feminized by Weed Seeds Express

Consumers of this strain say that it assists with unwinding and can settle the nerves. Its last effects are so potent that you may feel calmed and lethargic. The Sirius Black can also increase your appetite and is supposed to relieve an entire host of painful conditions effectively.

Aside from these qualities, The Sirius Black is stunning to take a gander at too. With its deep dull black shades thoroughly fascinating people looking at it.

#15 – Blueberry Autoflower by ILGM

If you have insomnia, the Indica heavy hand of this strain is impressive to help you get and stay unconscious. It may also help individuals dealing with wretchedness, chronic pain, muscle soreness, and stress. If you battle with nausea or other eating issues, this can kick off your appetite.

Even the plant itself looks amazing – brilliant greens and blues mix to form the distinct Blueberry look. Is it correct that you are looking for an easy to grow weed plant that produces incredible buds and looks fantastic? You need Blueberry autoflower seeds!

Astonishing Cannabis Strains At a Glance

As with practically any plant, reproducers develop some plants to such an extent that it looks beautiful. They arrive in an assortment of color combinations, surfaces, and forms.

Some are iced and crystalline, while others are not. Every unique strain accompanies its name that indicates something about its appearance and quality, as often a beautiful appearance will hint at underlying pleasant effects.

Most produce green buds with orange and golden hairs, but numerous strains have stunning red, pink, yellow, purple, and even blue shades.

Fortunately, this rundown of the most beautiful cannabis strains isn’t limited. It can expand as more and more growers set to the task of harvesting plants that delight individuals in effects and appearance.

A magnificent science and the plant’s development shows itself to be an art. And these plants’ stunning colors—whether green, yellow, orange, gold, red, purple, blue, or black—are one of the themes of their treasures.

Some strains are so beautiful that you could just sit around and gaze at it for days. Explore most beautiful cannabis strains right here.

Colorful weed strains

For cannabis connoisseurs, the intoxicating effects of THC are only one aspect of the overall marijuana experience. Past the high, there’s the scent, the taste, the bud structure, and of course, the colors.

From vibrant green buds and strains that are undeniably “purp,” to flower varietals with bright red and orange hairs, cannabis cultivars can embody a whole medley of hues and pigments. So what gives weed its diverse array of visual tones, and what strains should you seek out when hoping for that perfect purple nug? We’ve got you covered.

How Does Weed Get Its Color?

Like most plants in nature, cannabis is packed full of chlorophyll, or a chemical compound that uses the sun to generate energy for plants. And so the same thing that makes your grassy lawn sparkle is also what turns your Sour Diesel green.

But what about strains that end up with purple, red, pink, or even black hues? For those, we need to dive even deeper into plant science. The colorful culprits are anthocyanins, a class of water-soluble pigments that provide the range of blues, reds, and purples to fruits and vegetables like berries, cabbage, and eggplants. In cannabis, different strains are more apt to produce anthocyanins than others, but it also depends on the plant’s environment and nutrients.

When cannabis plants reach the latter part of the flowering stage, they need less help from the sun. Subsequently, they slow down on chlorophyll production, and ramp up on anthocyanins as the temperature starts to drop. For cannabis cultivators, this means that typically purple, red, and pink strains will only start to show their true colors during harvest season, and even still might end up as green buds, depending on individual grow temperatures and trim jobs.

What Role Does Temperature Play in Cannabis Color?

Take a second to think of your favorite fall foliage. You probably conjured up an image of majestic trees with hundreds of golden, red, and orange leaves shaking in the wind, yeah? Well in the same way that maple and oak trees transition with the temperature drops of seasonal change, cannabis also produces more anthocyanins in the colder months.

For outdoor pot growers, that means that no matter the strain, the final color of your buds will rely at least somewhat on the weather conditions towards the end of growing season. For indoor cannabis cultivators, it could mean lowering temperatures in grow rooms during flowering in hopes of adding an extra spike of bright color.

What Do pH Levels Have to Do With Cannabis Colors?

In addition to genetics and temperature, at least some research indicates that cannabis color could also be influenced by the plant’s acidity levels. In recent studies of non-cannabis plants and vegetables reported by Leafly, scientists found that fauna with higher acidity levels often give off red and pink vibes, neutral plants give off more purples, high pH brings out blues, and alkaline-packed plants tend to turn out yellow.

What Strains Are the Most Colorful?

So, with all of that information about how cannabis gets its color, what strains should you look out for if you want to smoke the rainbow? Well, as we’ve shown, no strain is guaranteed to produce any one color in its buds, but here are a few of our favorite flower varietals with genetic dispositions prone to vibrant hues.

Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple — or GDP for short — has been a staple in California’s indica-heavy diet since the start of the new millenium. A cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, GDP is one of the weed world’s most notorious purp strains, with a heavy dose of berry flavor to match its typically dark purple coloring.

First introduced by cultivator Ken Estes in the San Francisco Bay Area, Grandaddy Purple has become the poster child for purple strains around the globe, with more name drops in rap songs than we can count.

Pink Panties

Like most cannabis strains with a pop of color, Pink Panties has its expected hues right there in the name. A cross of multiple OG Kush varieties, and first released by Mr. Sherbinski, don’t let the close-to-vulgar name turn you off to this citrusy strain with light purple coloring that often borders on magenta.

And while Pink Panties will have a heavy couch-locked indica effect on its own, the strain has also been used to cross some of the most popular pot of the past few years — namely Sherbinski’s most famous strain, Sunset Sherbet, which gets its colorful name and looks from mixing GSC and Pink Panties.

The Black

A pure purple strain that can be traced back to both Canada and California in the pre-millenium cannabis era, The Black gets its heavy metal name from its dark coloring, with buds so densely purple that they’re often mistaken for black.

Of course, every batch of flower will come with its own unique scents, potency, and color. But if you’re looking for a purple strain to impress your smoking buddies nearly every time, pick up an eighth of The Black when you see it at your local dispensary.

Orange Crush

Outside of colorful dense bud structures, weed also takes on bright appearances and names from its hairs, aka stigmas. For the sativa Orange Crush, vibrant orange hairs cover the bud so thoroughly that it will often block the naked eye from seeing the green beneath.


A new strain on the block, 4G is a genetic super-cross among some of the cannabis industry’s favorite heavy hitters. A threeway mix of GSC, Gelato, and GG#4 (hence the 4G name), this potent indica hybrid is new, exclusive, and downright gorgeous — with a mix of bright green and deep purple coloring to match its fragrant perfume scent.

Originally bred by Purple Caper Seeds, 4G is hard to find. But if you can get your hands on it, you’ll want to consider framing the bud instead of smoking it — this flower is pretty much picture perfect.

As always, if you can’t find these specific strains at your local dispensary, you can always ask your budtender for their favorite purple, pink, or orange strains. After all, like everything in nature, each individual cannabis flower contains its own multitudes of interwoven colors.

What flower strains should you look out for if you want to smoke the rainbow? And why does certain weed look dark purple, while other varietals are bright orange or pink?