clivia seeds for sale

Clivia seeds for sale

This website is dedicated to the South African plant, known as the Clivia.

There are different pronunciations of the name Clivia, which varies from Clee-via, Clive –ia, but I think the most popular is Cli vi a).

The plant is indigenous to Southern Africa where they grow wild in forested woodland areas.

These attractive plants are members of the Amaryllidaceae family.

The flowers are carried in clusters on stout stems and range in colour from rich oranges to shades of deep red. Further colours were discovered, which include yellow peach and a range of pastel colours.

The leaves are strap shaped, fleshy and even when not in flower; the foliage provides excellent dark green display.

Prized for their ability to flower in shade, they are an ideal plant for massed planting under trees or in shady areas. Clivias are extremely hardy and drought-resistant but do not thrive in direct sunlight or frost areas.

On this website you will find information on and photos of Clivias that might be of interest to Collectors and Clivia growers. There are also some plants and seed on offer for sale. Follow the links for more information.

Please note that E&OE on all prices relating to Clivia plants on this website. Please confirm the actual prices before making any final decisions or purchases.

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