clifford strain


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About this product

Hybrid | Cerebral This robust and fragrant hybrid is the unique result of crossing Guava Chem and Tangie, two strains that have gained tremendous notoriety in the cannabis industry. Clifford has an intense, pungent, smoked-cheese aroma with notable hints of citrus and skunk. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or mid-afternoon boost and may be ideal for relieving chronic pain, fatigue, depression, muscle spasms and stress. It is not recommended for people with anxiety. LINEAGE Guava Chem x Tangie THC LEVELS 17 – 23% THC CBD LEVELS .1% – .3% CBD TERPENE LEVELS 3 – 7% terpenes beta myrcene, alpha pinene, elemene, beta caryophyllene, beta pinene

Hybrid | Cerebral