chuck og strain

Chuck OG

Caked in Crystal, these impressive buds will hit ya hard and fast. The perfect choice for relaxing evenings in.

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Chuck OG

Chuck OG, while the strain name sounds as if it’s been around forever and can be purchased in all corners of the earth, Chuck OG is actually a pretty rare find. Many can’t even agree on her birthplace, as some credit The Sage Grower while others note different points of origin. What is known is that Tahoe OG and Afghani are the parents of this strong stuff.

New users should back away slowly, as Chuck OG offers high THC levels that can be too much for many. These dense buds are a bit of a dull green with contrasting bright orange hairs, yet her main selling point comes with the massive amount of trichome coverage present. True to her OG heritage, flavors of pine, diesel, and an overall sour taste and smell will invade your senses.

The perfect night in requires the perfect strain, and Chuck OG just might be the one. Your high includes a ride through euphoria, complete with giggles and a grin that you won’t be able to wipe off of your face. This energy soon subsides, however, and before long you’ll feel more stereotypical effects including sedation and hunger. Those two tend to be a tough combination, so bring the food to wherever you’re relaxing well ahead of time or else suffer the consequences.

Chuck OG is a tasty and aromatic Hybrid. It offers effects that are sedative, giggly, and appetite-enhancing.