chocolate gelato strain

Exotic Genetix Bring Together A Sweet Hybrid With The Gelato Mint Strain

I’m a Gelato guy. The cold dessert and the strain are some of my favorite things in life. Gelato 33 is a strain I’m very familiar with so when I saw it crossed with Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookies & Cream, I had to get it, forget about it! Recently, I hit The Bakeree in North Seattle en route to an event. Among a couple other things I got the Gelato Mint on recommendation.

I’m not the hugest fan of the mylar packaging for nugs, but I purchased a pretty freshly harvested gram so I can’t complain. The gram was pretty dense and the texture didn’t jump out and grab you but the light smell invites in and once broken down it begins to break out its best asset.

This strain stands out on taste. It’s truly a unique mix of flavors. On the first few draws, the inhale, hold, and exhale all exhibited different tastes. These various touches of sweet and gas began to blend into a consistent profile and trust, I can get jiggy to that.

Exotic Genetix is a world-class breeder. Their Gelato Mint strain brings together Gelato 33, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookies & Cream strains in one.