cherry zkittlez strain

Strain Review: Black Cherry Zkittlez by THE TENco

The Black Cherry Zkittles strain (ztrain)

Black Cherry Zkittlez Strain Review

Brilliant buds from @_team10extracts_ @_z_u_s_h_i The aroma upon opening this bag was so crazy. The Black Cherry gas with the fruitiness of the zkittles creates a sort of limey zest that is incredibly addictive. The taste on this is so heavy on the gelato gas but so sweet which makes each draw better and better.

The buds are beautifully trimmed and have top notch bag appeal, however again I feel the cure could have been longer on it. Effects on these buds are very mellow and focused, you can resume doing anything you have been doing you would only be stoned.

Otherwise this is a strain I would always like to have around for sure!

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