cherry poison strain

Cherry poison strain

If you’re looking for a hard hitting strain, with Cherry Durban Poison, you have found it! The beautiful bright green and red flowers are very impressive, with a sticky coat of trichomes. The pungent aroma of berries and a sweet smell of flowers will wreak havoc on your nostrils, when ground up, but that’s a great thing! The taste of this strain has a strong cherry taste that dominates your taste buds, with that classic Durban Poison sour flavor. After several times of inhalation, that awesome feeling of well being, and euphoria just overcome mind and body! Personally, this strain hits very hard, but also stimulates creativity and motivation.

Cherry Durban Poison is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is a phenotype of the infamous Durban Poison strain. This bud captures all of the effects of its classic parent and adds a slight hint of cherry flavoring. It has a delicious sweet floral berry flavor with an earthy cherry aftertaste….