cherries jubilee strain

Cherries jubilee strain

Pretty good taste, smooth and much like Indica instead of Sativa

Picked up a quarter of this mainly because everything else looked like it went through the a blender. Strong onset couch lock and great body high. Not recommended for pain, I have wrist pain and this did not touch it.

Great tasting nice body high.

I purchased a quarter ounce of cherries jubilee, legends was the grower. I couldn’t find any info on leaf fly when I made my purchase. I usually don’t purchase strains that I know nothing about. I was purchasing shatter when my bud tender pointed out the new line of legends product. He told me that legends does it right for the price, it ran $80.00 a quarter. Which I found very reasonable for a recreational store. The flower was real nicely grown, and was some of the best tasting flower I’ve ever smoked. I’ve been a daily smoker for over 35 years, and rarely smoke flower. Unless recommended by a close friend or bud tender. Great taste, with a great Stoney high with added indica attributes of flavor and nice body high.

Cherries Jubilee is an indica dominant hybrid strain of unknown origins due to breeder secrecy, although it is thought to be a member of the Cherry OG family. Even though its true parentage is unknown, Cherries Jubilee has been consistently measured at having an average THC level that falls betw…