cheesequake strain

Cheesequake strain

I bought this strain about 2 weeks ago and never again. Whether it was he batch I received or the bud itself, I barely feel high. A bowl or a joint of anything, and I’m usually fine. But I could smoke 2 joints and barely feel anything. I do not recommend.

Usually need 23%+ but I was talked into trying this at 18% and it’s fantastic. Great for depression, anxiety, insomnia.

Wow best strain from Subcool so far. Super potent Indica dominant strain with nice grape flavor and bag appeal. Deep dark lavender/purple on some phenotypes and plenty of gooey resin for whatever you’re medical needs may be. Preferably in the pain and mood department I would say though. Look for the short pheno with super tight internode spacing and huge dark green fan leafs that should turn deep purple in bloom ( if growing yourself from seed). To me that was the jewel of the 2 types I got out of a pack of 10. The x-mas tree shaped pheno’s with thinner branches (space Queen dominant I believe) are nice resin producers as well and more common than the short thick purple pheno I loved so much. I only pulled 2 moms of those(1 keeper) vs 5 of the Space Queen looking moms and 3 males. Not bad M:FM ratio like most of Subcool’s packs usually are not sure if there’s a trick to it or just luck. Try it u won’t regret it

I really enjoyed this strain from Uncle Herbs dispensary in Payson AZ. Happy, fun, relaxing stress reliever. I don’t smoke a lot all at once I take a couple of medium to large tokes and wait til I’m ready for some more. My tolerance is good I would say because I smoke everyday buy I will only have this once I’m home for the day. I will definitely purchase again

Had a frosty purple mother in the first 5 pack I grew of her that was the most delicious combination of grape and cheese from both parents. She was low yielding, but some of the best smoke I’ve ever had. Sadly, I didn’t keep a clone, and the third purchase of Cheese Quake is now in the veg room as I have yet to find that pheno again. Great strain to grow and smoke!

This is a awesome strain, nice cool relaxed buzz. Has the sweet cheese smell and a tea like taste, i strongly recommend to anyone.

Cheese Quake is an indica-dominant hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of 40:60. Together with top THC levels of nearly 20%, this makes for a strong body stone with couch-lock effects. Mental euphoria is also powerful, making this a great way to relieve stress and low mood at the end of a busy day….