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Get details and read the latest customer reviews about 6000mg CBD Oil – Day & Night Bundle (2 Bottles) by Simply Crafted | Free Shipping | Save 25% with code LEAFLY on Leafly. The i-Cann Starter Kit is a great way to try a range of our products before committing to the full-size versions! We're so confident that you will love our…

6000mg CBD Oil – Day & Night Bundle (2 Bottles)

Get two of our best-selling, organic CBD tinctures in one. Our Day tincture is perfect for focus, productivity, and energy, while the Night formula helps with relaxation, de-stressing, and a smooth journey to slumberland.

Made without pesticides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers, these premium CBD tinctures are quickly absorbed and easily digested. Each dose (1 mL) contains 100 mg of CBD. Place under your tongue or stir into a drink. Use both into your daily routine for maximum benefits.

6000mg CBD combined total
No trace of THC
Made in the USA

Dosage Guide: 1ml = 100mg CBD (60 Servings)

About this brand

SAVE 25% with promo code LEAFLY

Our team is passionate about bringing you the finest CBD products on the market, so you can get access to the wide range of benefits it offers as easily and healthily as possible. With years of experience in the industry and a wide range of backgrounds, our experts can ensure you’re buying the very best!

Promote the CBD revolution – Our products are the result of a growing movement and awareness toward the untapped resource that is CBD. We’re here to keep the ball rolling.

Set the standard for premium products – Whether you’re buying a full-spectrum CBD vape or on the hunt for the best CBD hemp oil, we want to make sure that our goods far outshine the rest.

Push the industry’s boundaries – Our team possesses a burning desire to constantly improve on any of our creations and holds the belief that there is always more to learn from the wonderful world of hemp.

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We formulate products using the purest full-spectrum CBD distillate so you can experience this healing compound at its absolute best. Our team has spent years formulating cutting-edge methods to extract our oils from hemp that ensure they are free from any dilution or distortion. So hold onto your seats, they pack a punch!

The CBD processing stage is complex and precarious work that requires an extremely skilled team. If it is not performed correctly and corners are cut, the results can be dangerous or at the very least ineffective. That’s why we take our time to carefully extract the CBD in small batches that can be kept under close supervision to bring the most potent, health-boosting products around!

Free shipping on all orders


We ship all of our products via USPS, unless requested to do otherwise. We use discreet packaging and fulfill all orders within 24 hours, Monday- Saturday.

We ship SOME of our products to all 50 States in the US, as well as the rest of the world. However, we do NOT ship CBD, hemp flower or Delta-8 THC, to Canada or any other country where hemp derived products are not currently legal.

We do ship our hemp derived cannabinoids to countries where they are permitted, such as the UK, France, and some other areas of Europe. Before you place an international order for any hemp derived cannabis products, it’s always best to check your own country’s laws and regulations first. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Since 2019, Simply Crafted CBD has proudly offered premium CBD products and hemp flower for discerning individuals who prefer natural solutions over unnecessary prescriptions. We are committed to providing the best CBD and delta-8 THC at an affordable price point.

At Simply Crafted CBD, we believe that quality Delta-8 THC and CBD products should be easily accessible and affordable to anyone who seeks the effective and natural healing power of cannabis.

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We proudly offer a wide array of hemp flower cannabis strains, CBD oils, tinctures, topicals, and a full line of delta-8 THC products. Our team of CBD experts help our customers find the perfect CBD product for their unique situation.

With our robust product knowledge as well as our acute ability to match up the right remedy for a specific problem, our customers can rest assured that they will be receiving a high-quality, natural, and effective solution for their individual health needs.

At Simply Crafted CBD, we truly believe in the transformative power of CBD oils, tinctures, topicals, and assorted CBD products to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and improve health outcomes. At the end of the day, Simply Crafted CBD is committed to finding the best solution for our client’s specific needs.

All of our Delta-8 THC and CBD products are derived from plants grown in the United States and are third-party lab tested. Our cannabinoids pass the highest standards of approval in the United States. In addition, all of our delta-8 and CBD products are personally tested by our staff to ensure effectiveness and that only the best possible products are sold to you.

We guarantee our Delta-8 THC & CBD to be solvent-free and highly effective. We have strict guidelines for all of our partner hemp farms to follow. Our cannabis oils and extracts are captured using state of the art methods that produce the best full spectrum CBD and pure delta-8 THC distillate.

CBD Topicals Starter Pack (includes voucher for Free CBD Oil)

The i-Cann Starter Bundle Kit is a great way to trial a range of our products before committing to the full-size versions. With this sample pack, you will be able to trial each of our award-winning products in a CBD bundle pack. Sample each product in the pack at ease, to see which ones work best for you. Whether you’re looking for some relief from pain, anxiety, or skin concerns, our bundle sample pack will deliver the support you need with each product offering its own unique benefits, coupled with the wonder CBD ingredient.

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Our luxurious range of CBD topicals are all made from hemp here in the UK, which means that they are free from THC – the cannabinoid known for giving that ‘high’ feeling. THC is found in cannabis and other non – hemp products.

The 50 ml pots in the sample pack are perfect for travelling and for use on the go, whether you’re at work or on the move, this CBD bundle pack will allow you to reap the benefits from each of the hemp based products every day of the week – all in handy 10 ml sized pots!

Included in the sample pack are 50 ml pots of the following products:

– CBD Face Cream 250 mg – For day and night use. With Anti-aging ingredients.
– CBD Warming Muscle Gel 300 mg – Great for warming up post-workout.
– CBD Cooling Muscle Gel 300 mg- Fantastic for easing muscle strain.
– CBD Fragranced Muscle Gel 300 mg- Contains glucosamine which helps to sooth joint and muscle pain.
– CBD Body Lotion 200 mg – A game changer for sensitive skin
– CBD Lip Balm 50 mg- Soothes cracked and dry lips.
– CBD Balm for Muscles 250 mg- Ideal for targeting specific areas of the body.
– CBD Massage Oil 500 mg- A lovely, light texture that absorbs well into the skin, with a high CBD content.
– 25% Discount Code – Get 25% off the sale price of any full-size products.
– Gift Voucher for a free CBD oil – CBD tincture / oil up to 1000 mg CBD content can be claimed (conditions apply).

*All CBD samples come in varying CBD content. Please visit the product pages for more information on content and ingredients.

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