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Create your custom CBD packaging with Packhelp. Our range of stand up pouches, product boxes & mailing bags are the ideal packaging solution for your brand CBD Tincture Bottles feature Child Resistant Dropper & Glass Boston Round for Concentrated Liquids such as CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, etc. Shop at Wholesale and Bulk Pricing! — The Cary Company, Trusted Since 1895! If you're looking for a cannabis packaging company, Berlin Company is the best choice. We complement our high-quality containers with design, labeling, & more.

Custom CBD Packaging

A premium mailer box with printing available on the inside.

Rigid Box With Lid

Minimum 1000 pieces.

Rigid Box With Lid

Boxes with a lid made from sturdy, rigid cardboard.

Plain Delivery Box

Plain Delivery Box

A cardboard delivery box with adhesive strips.

Carrier Box

Minimum 1500 pieces.

Carrier Box

Carrier cardboard boxes with a handle.

Two Piece Product Box

Two Piece Product Box

Elegant box with lid. Colourful retail packaging.

Packaging supplies for cannabis and CBD brands.

Whether it’s CBD oil, vape cartridge or any hemp products, Packhelp is your source of branded packaging

Design online

Ready to go patterns

Sustainable CBD Packaging

Packaging specialists

Put your creativity to work

Whether you need CBD oil packaging needs to be loud or minimalist, Packhelp’s online design software can help you create packaging that perfectly matches your branding.

Grow and scale your business

If you’re a growing brand in the cannabis, CBD or hemp industry, Packhelp helps you on your way with instant quotes, long-term contracts, bulk discounts and a dedicated account manager

Vape cartridge packaging

Vape brands can take advantage of Packhelp’s online editor to create stand-out vape packaging to get their brand seen on shelves and remember by their customers.

Design on our intuitive online software

Customisable mailing bags, boxes, cans and more

Low MOQs, quick turnaround and fast delivery

Instant quotes on new packaging products

Bulk discounts, long term contracts & dedicated manager

Prototyping and packaging R&D options

About Packhelp

Packhelp provides brands of all sizes with a dedicated account manager and long term contracts to keep their costs down as they establish and grow into new markets or demographics. As the go-to source of packaging for CBD brands like Hemp Juice and Brain Salad, we have the experience, the network, and the technology to supply your brand with perfect CBD packaging. Get a quote now

Packhelp gives you access to:

Packaging Design Experts

A better branding experience for your CBD oil

Customise and order these CBD packaging products with Packhelp:

Classic Product Box

A top-opening box made from printed cardstock. An elegant choice for your retail products.

€107.01 / 30 pieces

Price includes VAT

Bio Poly Mailer

A light-weight mailing bag, made from natural materials and fully biodegradable.

€212.79 / 100 pieces

Price includes VAT

Eco / Eco White Mailer Box

A cardboard mailing box with black print. Perfect for a minimalist and eco-friendly look.

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€95.20 / 30 pieces

Price includes VAT

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Your cannabis, CBD and hemp products are prized for their natural ingredients – and your packaging should be too. Packhelp’s packaging supplies can be made from biodegradable materials, printed with organic inks, and made in local facilities to show your customer that your brand cares and gives back to the environment.

Inspiring stories from other customers

Oase Hair Vitamins

Oase Hair Vitamins are nutrient-packed jellies to foster the growth of strong, healthy hair. With a product not unlike CBD jellies, the brand worked with Packhelp to create an entirely unique packaging solution from the ground up.


To make your CBD oil and other cannabis products stand out and be seen, you need effective branding. You spend a lot of time and money creating a brand that looks the way you want it to, so it’s important that your packaging echoes these same design cues. Using Packhelp, you can design and order a wide range of custom CBD packaging products with competitive prices and worldwide shipping.


As your brand grows and scales, it’s important that your supplies grow and scale, too. Having worked with over 15,000 brands from all over the world from almost every industry under the sun, we know the pains that packaging can cause for growing brands. Efficient supply chains, cost optimisations, and knowing that you’re getting the best possible price are just some of the hurdles you have to navigate. That’s why Packhelp offers features like long-term contracts, dedicated account managers and value engineering to ensure that your company has to worry as little as possible about packaging.


Custom printed CBD boxes, vape cartridge packaging and packaging for other cannabis-based products require custom materials that are just as natural as the CBD itself. Whether that’s cardboard made from recycled paper pulp, mailing bags made from biodegradable plant waste, or vegetable-based inks, Packhelp’s range of packaging supplies can help you create what you need.


If you require custom shapes, sizes or quality material in your box design, that’s only half of the equation. Getting your custom printed CBD packaging to you is the other half. With Packhelp, you have the option of express production which ensures that your packaging will be printed in as little as 3 working days, and then sent on its way to you by then.


If you’re on a mission to design custom boxes for CBD oil or other products, then Packhelp has the online software that you need to do just that. Our intuitive designer lets you upload your logos and other images, and then drag and drop elements into the ideal location on a 3D projection of your box. When you’re happy with your overall design, you can order your packaging from as little as 30 pieces, add in extras like void filler and stickers, and have your packaging delivered anywhere in the world.

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For oils, hemp and CBD products, edibles and other cosmetics, sealable stand up pouches are the common solution. Called ‘doypacks’ in the printing industry, these pouches are a fantastic solution for a wide range of products. With Packhelp, your pouches can be made from a recyclable kraft paper material, or made from a plastic of any colour you desire. They have a large surface that can be printed with any design you like, such as your branding, serving suggestions, nutritional information and any other details that are important for your customer.


Selling CBD or cannabis products online? Then you need a safe and secure packaging option to ensure your products get to their destination in the same condition that they left your warehouse. The best solution for this is one of Packhelp’s mailer boxes. Available in a wide variety of standard sizes, a mailer box can be customised in an almost endless amount of ways to compliment your cannabinoid brand. Hot stamping, internal print, magnetic closure or even a rigid box with a lid. Packhelp’s manufacturing facilities give you access to the best printing and finishing services available to ensure that you create a safe and secure shipping box that visually impresses your ecommerce customer and leaves a lasting impression.

CBD Tincture Bottles

Our CBD tincture bottles are designed to store and contain CBD oil, hemp oil, essential oils and other liquid extracts. As tinctures are typically a highly concentrated extract of an herb or plant, our tincture bottles are low-volume bottles with a dropper cap to allow for precise dosing. All our CBD tincture bottles are made from durable, high quality glass.

Why are there no clear tincture bottles below?

We want to provide the best CBD tincture bottle for you to store your highly valued products. Many essential oils and extracts are light sensitive. Amber glass and cobalt glass tincture bottles provide more UV protection than clear glass alternatives.

Are these CBD tincture bottles child resistant?

Yes! While CBD oil, hemp oil and other essential oils can help individuals with the proper dosage, we believe CBD tincture bottles should be difficult for children to access. All our empty tincture bottles are child resistant to provide additional safety while still allowing easy access for adults

Cannabis & CBD Packaging

To ensure your CBD packaging is compelling, compliant, and cost-effective, we have a worldwide network of manufacturing partners that we tap on your behalf. Our scale allows us to achieve attractive prices for you, and our expertise in supply-chain management means we further reduce your expenses beyond just the piece price. Add in Berlin Packaging’s 99% just-in-time delivery and dedicated Quality team, and you have a turnkey packaging solution.

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Growing with the Industry

Cannabis is a $25 billion, fast-growing, highly competitive segment (Source: BDSA). To address the needs of the expanding medical patient population and the increasingly sophisticated demands of the retail cannabis consumer, growers, processors, and infused-product manufacturers need custom CBD packaging that heightens the appeal and improves the user experience.

Cannabis & CBD Insights

Visit the Insights articles below to learn more about what separates Berlin Packaging from the competition as an industry leader in the cannabis packaging market.

How Much Cannabis Flower Will Fit in a Jar

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Packaging Design Considerations

Insights on Sustainability

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Growing with the Industry

Cannabis Flower Packaging & Marijuana Concentrates

Show off your high-quality cannabis flower with our versatile assortment of packaging options. Store your marijuana bud and flower in style with glass jars, tins and more. Find in-stock packaging for loose flower and pre-roll. Find tamper-evident and child-resistant capable exit bags, perfect for cannabis dispensary use and medicinal marijuana. These durable child-resistant capable containers can protect children from medication and protect your product from air and odors. Looking to store your cannabis concentrate, dab, or shatter? Look no further than our child-resistant capable thick wall jars. If you’re looking for secure in-home storage for medical marijuana, we offer lockable containers in a variety of capacities.

CBD Oil & Cannabis Topicals

Cannabidiol oils (CBD) and cannabis topicals are trending and we have the packaging that can help – from plastic child resistant capable roll-on bottles to child-resistant capable glass tincture bottles. Our complete line of child-resistant capable droppers, bags, and pop-top jars will suit your every need.

Cannabis Packaging Sourcing Capabilities

If you need something that we don’t have, let us know. We strive to be your one-stop cannabis packaging company, and we can help you source your cannabis packaging. When you’re in the market for cannabis containers, Berlin Packaging has a wide variety of products for medicinal marijuana, cannabis edibles and more. With the ever-growing legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use, the market for cannabis packaging is booming.

*While Berlin Packaging supplies a variety of packaging options for the cannabis and CBD end-markets, it is the customer’s responsibility to determine appropriate packaging solutions for comliance with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to cannabis and/or CBD products.

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