caviar weed strain

Caviar weed strain

Am I the only weirdo who experiences this strains and makes me like. horny? Overall, it feels like you’re in a cloud if you’re on your bed. Very calming, very soothing. Perfect to be in bed all day, which could be bad for some people, but honestly if you actually stand up and do stuff, you’ll focus on doing thing.

Smoked this when I was in Denver, bought it pre-rolled, prior to buying the bud tender asked me had I ever smoked it before when I said no she went into given a full description of what would happen which she did not do with any other strain I bought. One of the best strains I ever smoked. Sad that I live on East Coast I cannot find it anywhere here.

Caviar is produced by marrying Grape Rhino kief with Grape Rhino hash oil and Grape God. It is an excellent, strong and quite an expensive cannabis as an ounce of it costs around $1,400. It is a brilliant grade A+ marijuana strain that is an Indica dominant variety. It does not have a very pleasa…