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I’ve been ripped off by this company

I’ve been ripped off by this company, I’ve made a payment and it’s been a month, no response from them

It’s been over a month since order was…

It’s been over a month since order was placed and paid for. No communication, no response on any emails. Phone number doesn’t work. This Sebastian guy is going to get his legs Brocken. I will find out who he is and make his life an utter misery.

Still no communication from Sebastian…

Still no communication from Sebastian or the company.

Are they closed?

Worst site ever ..still waiting for my…

Worst site ever ..still waiting for my seeds is almost a month with no reply ..this guy is a fraud.i normally but from biltong nd budz..which i have always had EXCELLENT service..they just did not have that specific strain . plz beware of this scam artist.this site sould honestly be banned.disgusting service

The seeds arrived in plastic bags with…

The seeds arrived in plastic bags with marked with ink. I ordered Barneys seeds no original packages I ordered 11 seeds only got 9. this is a scam do not use

The seeds did not come in Barneys seeds…

The seeds did not come in Barneys seeds packaging and I did not receive all seeds I paid for . no response from telephone number or email. Do not trust this company


There are two very similar websites (plural) & (singular). is Overgrow. I was in the middle of a transaction with them when I decided to look up reviews and ended up here. I didn’t notice the missing “s” and assumed that the Sebastian lunatic in the reviews below was them.

Immediate cancel. Luckily I told them why and they got in touch straight away.

I honestly couldn’t image a better and more friendly service. They are wonderful. Seeds are all in original packaging and came very quickly.

Stick with the S. There’s no way you will regret it.

Bad Service

Bought 20 seeds. Paid lots of money. The seeds never arrived. Sebastian doesn’t answer his listed phone number or emails. I bought here before so I really thought the seeds would arrive. Sebastian eventually refunded me after two weeks.

I purchased 150 deal of feminized seeds…

I purchased 150 deal of feminized seeds from and more than half or so were males. They should have been gauranteed male! Needless to say i shared them with a bunch of people and they are all upset with me now because they got males!! Worst experience in my lifeen they ruined the year for a good deal of people

10/10 would not use again

Took a week to acknowledge the order,then they only sent 9 seeds when I ordered 10, and out of the 9 only 5 have germinated, a lot of money for some seeds to arrive in a bank bag and not even in the intended packaging! definitely wont be here again.

Iv paid twice for the same order of…

Iv paid twice for the same order of seeds and they have acknowledged the duplicate payment but will not answer or reply to any emails,calls or whatsapp, all I want is the duplicate payment to be reversed. Let alone the seeds not being in original packaging, im having my doubts weather they even the genetics

Not only do they take 4 days to process…

Not only do they take 4 days to process the payment but they also have no real contact number. You get some crappy whatsapp responses when you text the provided number. Seeds arrive wrapped in a plastic bag with the strain name written on it. One seed is tiny and surely won’t even split let alone germinate. Of all the local places I’ve bought from, these guys are the worst. Don’t waste your time or money


i’d like to warn you not to buy from

i bought 4 seeds. only one grew. we grew them in the correct conditions.

Further Sebastian sent me from pillar to post promising on more than one occasion to replace/refund them. he took the first few calls and emails. now he just ignores my emails and calls.

very unprofessional. i certainly wouldn’t buy from him again. dishonourable company!

Buyer beware!

Seeds (allegedly) from Barney’s Farm not in original packaging, also one of the seeds was color coded (red) which was not ordered.
Seeds from Greenhouse Seeds did not arrive with the order.
Received seeds from Blimburn which were not ordered.
In short, the order that arrived was NOT what was ordered.
Shocking lack of communication.
Packaging was revolting, with dirty finger prints smudging the paper.
A refund was requested 9 days ago, and still nothing. I am unhappily out of pocket, and I have been ripped off and feel violated.
This is the WORST dealing I have had with any seed company in over three decades. So much for supporting locals!
Do not fall for this apparent scam.

Bad service

I’ve never received this bad service in my life, paid and its been 4 days now no confirmation, nobody replyed to my mails Sebastian replyed to say he’ll be in office later to sort it out that’s 24 hrs ago, still nothing, nice looking site, that’s where it ends I gotta say.

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