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Oklahoma State Cannabis Laws

Oklahoma Marijuana Seeds and Cannabis Beanz sales online really took off when the State of Oklahoma made history in 2018 by becoming the 30th state to allow the use of medical marijuana. This landmark move opens the doors to residents that prefer cannabis over harmful synthetic drugs, such as addictive opioids. Let’s take a look at what you’re allowed to do as a medical marijuana patient in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Marijuana Seeds are available from us!

Medical Marijuana Usage and Possession

Compared to other medical and recreational states in the US, Oklahoma has some of the most lenient possession amounts. This is a refreshing sight, especially when many liberal cities have tightened their cannabis laws regarding usage and possession.

Oklahoma allows residents that are approved for medical marijuana to possess up to 3-ounces of dried marijuana outside of their residence, 1-ounce of concentrate, 72-ounces of cannabis-based edibles, and up to 8-ounces of dried flower in their home.

These are far more realistic amounts that medical marijuana patients should expect, mainly when they’re relying on this therapeutic plant for a wide variety of ailments.

Although legal for medical marijuana patients, Oklahoma residents caught in possession of cannabis without a valid license is subject to the heavy hand of the law. A misdemeanor and up to a $400 fine is what you’ll receive if you are found with cannabis without a medical license.

It is legal to buy marijuana seeds in Oklahoma

Medical marijuana seeds has yet to be recognized on the federal level, so it’s completely illegal to consume cannabis on federal property, such as military bases and national parks.

Consuming cannabis is best done in the privacy of a residence. Although medical marijuana awareness is growing in Oklahoma, public use is still very much off-limits, and you run the risk of being prosecuted even if you’re in possession legally.

Oklahoma is incredibly strict if caught driving under the influence of cannabis. It’s treated the same as drunk driving and will result in your imprisonment for no less than 10 days. A second offense will land you increased jail time, with additional tracking and prohibitive mechanisms attached to your car.

Growing Marijuana Seeds for Personal Use

Now that Oklahoma is open for medical marijuana patients for possession, they’re also allowed to grow Oklahoma cannabis seeds to full maturity. You’re allowed to purchase Oklahoma marijuana seeds in licensed dispensaries or through online businesses.

The law states that medical patients are allowed to grow 6 mature plants while simultaneously growing 6 immature plants that aren’t flowering. This allows medical marijuana patients to have a perpetual growing system, where once 6 plants are harvested, the other 6 may begin their flowering phase.

Prior to 2018, the sale and possession of marijuana seeds in Oklahoma were entirely prohibited, but now the floodgates are open for licensed residents to buy Oklahoma Cannabis Seeds of their choice to start their legal garden.

Although legal, it’s essential to keep your garden out of public view to avoid any dispute with residents or local law enforcement. Although the law is on your side, it’s best not to advertise your business or attract unwanted attention.

Although Oklahoma is now lenient with medical marijuana patients when growing their own crops, the law is strict about those who grow cannabis without a medical license. If you’re found to grow without a valid permit, then you’ll be subjected to a hefty fine and possible jail time.

CBD Legalized

Before the legalization of medicinal cannabis, CBD was allowed under certain conditions in 2015. The production and sale of CBD-based products were allowed if the product was below 3% THC. This is another win for cannabis activists in the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma’s Budding Cannabis Future

Now that Oklahoma is part of the cannabis movement, it’s only a matter of time until the state sees an initiative for recreational cannabis. Although the Sooner State is lenient towards its medical marijuana population, it’s strict in the extreme when rules aren’t followed, and individuals illegally possess and consume cannabis.

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, then there’s nothing to fear as long as you follow the straightforward guidelines. By doing so, you’re cleared to buy Oklahoma cannabis seeds in dispensaries or online vendors.

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