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Best Indoor Grow Tent Kit Reviews | Top 11 Weed Growing Kits in 2021

Are you among the many who are switching from outdoor gardening to indoor plantation? Do you live in an urban city and wish to freshly grow your own weed, right inside your apartment?

Be it growing marijuana or basic herbs, it is all possible with an indoor garden and that too throughout the year. All you need is the best indoor grow kit to cater to your essential requirements to start up.

One of the most effective processes for indoor gardening is the hydroponic growing system. A hydroponic system is a less messy and more effective growth since the hydroponic growing system requires minimum to no soil and less water to grow plants.

Follow through to find out what to look for when looking for the best hydroponic indoor grow kit available on the market.

Selection of the Top 11 Weed Growing Kits

As there are numerous products in the market with different built, shapes, and sizes, it will be best to go through a list of the best marijuana grow kits out there.

Here is a list of the top ten indoor grow kits available in the market.

Image Product Size Watts Check
Editor´s Choice!
2’x2x4′ 300
5’x5’x7′ 750
BudGrower 2’x2x5′ 150
TopoGrow 2.7’x2.7’x5.2′ 300
TopoLite 2’x2’x4′ 300
HTG Supply 3’x3’x6.5′ 400
Hongruilite 2.7’x2.7’x5.2′ 600
TopoLite 2’x 2’x4′ 300
BloomGrow 2.6’x2.6’x5.2′ 600
Oppolite 4’x2’x6′ 800
Hydro Plus 4’x 3’x6′

Indoor Grow Tent Kits Reviews

1. VIVOSUN – Editor`s Choice Indoor Grow Tent Kit

Vivosun indoor grow tent kit is the perfect choice for garden lovers who want to brush up their gardening skills and start indoor plantations. This tent stands on a high-quality 600D canvas that is super thick and is fully tear-proof.

The double-stitch design and 98% reflective mylar lining has made them ideal for light blocking.

To keep things simple, the VIVOSUN Indoor Grow Tent comes with a sturdy zipper that you can easily pull up to provide your plants with the most suitable growing environment. Not to forget, its smooth exterior and interior construction will add 53% open area for air flow.

Your indoor plants will not miss out on the natural benefits of an outdoor setting as these tents also have an air filtration kit. Its 4 inch Air Carbon Filter is made from special Virgin Australian activated charcoal which will deliver 100% filtered airflow regularly and consistently.

Additionally, the fast 2500 RPM speed of its heavy-hitting blower efficiently creates an airflow of 203 CFM.

These tents are paired with full-spectrum 300W LEDs which enable them to provide maximum PAR output and light-spectrum coverage. This smart gardening kit will facilitate and enhance the growth procedure for your plants and surprisingly it works wonders as a marijuana grow kit.

2. Gorilla SuperRoom 5’ x 5’ Smart Grow Kit

The SuperRoom Smart Grow Kit is an all-in-one package that offers the most sought-after equipment for your interior garden. You get a 1680D 5’ x 5’ x 7”11’ grow kit with premium carbon filters and multiple internal circulation fans.

Besides this, you can choose from a 20-site Super-Flow System, a 6-site Bubble Flow Buckets, or nine five-gallon soil pots for your grow medium. As for the LED, you can either opt for the Kind LED XL750 or the XL1000 light.

Moreover, the grow kits come with a trellis system to boost your yield up to 30%, a TDS system for checking the water purity, and a digital thermometer to maintain an optimum temperature for your plants.

However, this is not everything. Apart from all this, the SuperRoom includes a Wi-Fi GrowCam, a pH control kit, an industrial power strip, a GFCI Shock Buster for safety, and the Lotus nutrient starter kit.

If this was not enough, you could connect your grow room with its app on your phone. Here, you can customize the light timings and control the watering schedule using the Super-Flow System.

3. TheBudGrower Complete Indoor Grow Kit with Fan

One of the best hydroponic grow kits, offers a complete and easy to set up bundle.

The complete indoor grow kit is designed with premium quality products. The kit includes a growing tent, LED, 4” fan, an assembling guide, indoor hydroponic soil, and a carbon filter as major parts.

The tent dimension 24”x24”x60” can fit any space in your desired room.

This indoor grow tent kit is also designed with a reflective diamond Mylar. Built with heavy-duty zip for easy to close or open. With steel poles and corners, this grow kit can hold up to 300 pounds. The spacious opening allows easier all-around access to the plants.

Budgrower complete indoor grow kit features an XP summit LED grow light that provides a full 13 band light spectrum with a 50,000-hour lifespan. It also allows you to use two different settings to grow vegetable plants and flowering plants.

The carbon filter in this kit can remove any moisture or odor and has an average lifespan of 2 years with respect to use.

This marijuana grow kit comes with a three-year warranty; however, the warranty does not cover the fan and the carbon filter.

It is an optimum choice for a fresh user because the product offers all the basic necessary items in one kit. This also eliminates hassle at the user end and gives better produce.

4. TopoGrow – Weed Grow Tent Kit

Easy to assemble and use, TopoGrow LED grow tent is a complete basic kit with 600 watts LED light for growing weed.

You can use this indoor weed growing kit for any life cycle of the plant. It is made of waterproof diamond Mylar that is 96% reflective, and 600D heavy-duty lightproof cloth.

If you are looking to plant one or two plants, then this hydroponic grow kit is ideal for use.

The LED grow light efficiently aluminates while consuming 220 watts power consumption.

The indoor grow kit has a 4-inch fan along with a carbon filter that ensures high absorption and better yield.

TopoGrow LED grow tent can operate in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. There are multiple vents for the installation of a fan and filter.

So if you are looking for something simple and effective this hydroponic grow kit is the answer.

5. TopoLite LED Grow Light + Indoor Grow Tent Kit

If you are looking for growing any life cycle of the plant then Topolite full spectrum LED grow light plus multiple sizes grow tent is a good choice.

This hydroponic grow kit features a 300 watts LED light and measures 24”x 24” x 48” overall. The size and dimension offer enough space to grow a good number of plants.

Since it uses an LED grow light, it consumes less electricity and also generates less heat while in use. The led light can work up to 18 hours and has a longer lifespan.

The package includes one power line, stainless steel hanging kit, an instruction guide, a removable waterproof floor tray, two nylon belts for filter straps, and a set of a frame of rods and connectors.

It is made of 96% reflective Mylar that is waterproof and adds to its durability.

This indoor grow tent kit can continuously work for 10 to 16 hours per day.

The TopoLite indoor hydroponic system tent features a heavy-duty zipper.

It can be set up very easily and within minutes without any hassle. You don’t really need any tools to set it up, as the process is very simple and straightforward.

6. HTG Supply – Marijuana Growing Kit

Another grow kit that falls among the best cannabis grow kit that you can pick as a beginner is the HTG supply’s original 400w 3×3 hydroponic grow kit.

The entire grow kit’s dimension is 39” in length, 39” in width, and a height of 85”. As the company states, it is a complete “plug and play” indoor hydroponic grow tent kit.

The HTG supply kit includes An AgroMax original grow tent, a 6” aligned fan and projection kit, a 6” rotation fan, a 400w HPS bulb, a GrowBright thermometer/hydrometer, four bubble boy single shot 3.5 gallons DWC hydroponic system, a pair of ratchet grow light hooks, 1L PH perfect grow micro bloom nutrient solution, and a 120v mechanical time.

As a starter indoor grow kit, this is also the best choice as it does all the planning and purchasing of all the basic equipment and it can be assembled together easily.

This kit also has great customer reviews.

7. Hongruilite Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent Kit

This marijuana grow kit is about the Hongruilite Indoor Plant Growing System. This is a complete indoor grow kit with ventilation, grow lights, and a durable medium-sized tent.

If you’re a beginner in the indoor hydroponic growing field, hydroponic grow kits like these are a great way to get started.

The tent is constructed with a beginner-friendly full-spectrum design. This way, you can grow your plants from at any stage may it be germination, seedling, vegetables, or flowers.

Besides that, the durable tent is made out of 600D lightproof oxford cloth. This cloth does not let light or heat escape from the tent.

Also, it has a reflective mylar layer on the inside which directs maximum light towards your plants. This ensures the optimum use of your LED grow lights and help you save energy expenses as well.

Furthermore, this indoor grow tent kit includes effective carbon air filters. This model uses environmentally friendly coal-based activated carbon in their filters.

Along with that, you’ll get elastic ropes, silver flex ducting, and steel hose clamps to help you set up your own indoor grow area with only one purchase.

8. TopoLite – Weed Growing Kit

If you are looking for an easy to use indoor grow kit then the TopoLite Grow Tent room kit is a package that is easily set up and use.

It uses a 300w LED grow light that projects a full spectrum for growth. You can use this LED grow light in any growth cycle of the plant; however, you need to adjust the light wavelength.

The 300-watt TopoLite Grow tent features an inline duct fan, a silver flex duct, clamps, and an activated carbon filter.

You can use this grow kit for a maximum of 16 hours without a break, which is better than many other grow kits.

This indoor weed growing kit also helps you to easily monitor the growth of the plant.

It is made of 600D lightproof oxford cloth, metal rods, heavy zips, and double stitching. This makes it durable and sturdy.

The design of the tent supports multiple vents for ventilation and installation of filter out and fan.

9. BloomGrow – Indoor Cannabis Grow Kit

BloomGrow grow kits are one of the best indoor grow kits available in the market.

With a durably constructed tent and high-quality basic growing essentials, this kit has everything you need to get started.

Firstly, the grow tent is made with the finest quality 600D waterproof material. From the inside, the layer is 96% reflective to direct all the light towards your plants.

Also, this hydroponic tent kit has an effective mechanism against light and heat leakage. The edges are double stitched while the zipper locks are heavy-duty industrial grades to maintain the proper growing environment inside.

Secondly, this best weed growing kit also includes a complete ventilation kit to ensure better health in your plants.

The pre-filter air cleaning system with eco-friendly activated carbon filters cleans the air effectively providing a healthy, natural environment.

Also, the fans are designed to produce less noise and vibration to avoid any damage to the plants.

Thirdly, the package includes full-spectrum LED lights that are perfect for any growth cycle such as germination, seedling, flowers, and vegetables.

The hygrometer helps you maintain the ideal temperature and humidity level inside the tent by displaying accurate readings with clarity.

To complete the marijuana grow kit, you’ll get sturdy rope hangers and shears to manage the plants as they grow taller and heavier.

10. Oppolite – Complete Indoor Grow Tent Kit

The 800w Oppolite cannabis grow kit is made from a reflective Mylar material that helps maximums light exposure.

The fan helps to keep the temperature at bay and the activated carbon filter helps the absorption of the nutrients in plants.

This 800w LED COB grow light provides great light projection with the full spectrum to help with the growth cycle of the plant.

The double-stitched, heavy-duty zip eliminates the chances of light loss.

This kit has less power consumption and also reduces the temperature.

11. Hydro Plus – Weed Growing Kit

If you’re looking for the best hydroponic grow kit, this kit complete with all the basic essentials by Hydro plus is a great option for you.

The tent itself is designed with two-tier accommodation which can be customized according to your plants’ needs. Meaning, you can remove the upper shelf and let your plants grow taller as well.

Besides that, the construction of this tent is impeccable. It’s made out of a thick, heavy-duty, 600D oxford cloth. The cloth is held together by durable metal rods to provide a sturdy growth environment for your plants.

Also, the openings of the tent are secured by industrial-grade zippers that make sure light or heat does not escape from the tent in order to maintain favorable conditions at all times.

Moreover, the tent has rectangular vents reinforced with mesh lining to ensure ideal ventilation inside. There are multiple vents located at different spots that you can use to fit fans and filters.

Furthermore, the complete package comes with a timer, plant netting, light hangers, and a hygrometer.

With this marijuana grow kit you can nurture your plants as seedlings and take care of them as they grow taller.

All you’ll need to add are the fans and LED grow lights to get started.

  • Buyers Guide
  • Types of Hydro Systems
  • Pros & Cons

What to Look for When Buying an Indoor Grow Kit

With so many products out there in the market, how do you know you are investing in the right product?

If you are new then you are probably are familiar with what to look for when buying the best indoor grow kit and the go through various hydroponic grow kit reviews.

Need not to worry because we have laid out a basic guide that will help you clear your mind and pick the product that meets your needs.

  1. Know why you need an indoor hydroponic growing kit

Before you begin, it is essential that you know the reason you are opting for a indoor weed growing kit.

This would mean that you will know what type of plant you want to harvest. You may want to grow some marijuana, flowering plant, or just some herbs.

This is necessary to know because different plants require different settings and requirements. Once you are clear about the plant you want to grow, it will become easier to set your hydroponic grow kit.

  1. Cost expenditure

As there are a lot of options available in the market, you can choose between high-end and expensive or affordable grow kits.

Prior to purchasing the product, you must be aware of your expense budget as it will help you save time by not browsing throughout of budget products.

  1. Space set up

It is good if you decide about the place you want to install your marijuana grow kit.

This way, you know the exact dimensions of the kit you want to buy. You can easily find all types of sizes to fit any requirements.

Types of Hydroponic Systems for Grow Kits

There are six basic types of hydroponic systems

  • Wick System

A passive system, the wicking process is a very simple hydroponic system.

This is once again among the simplest yet active hydroponic system.

Grow kits with this system are among the best hydroponic grow kits because they offer the best growth rate out of all.

  • Aeroponic System

The Aeroponic system is considered the most sophisticated hydroponic system. It is slightly complex so it is not for beginners.

  • Nutrient Film Technique

The NFT system is the most popular hydroponic system for commercial use.

The crop develops long canals and the liquid nutrient solution flows through the plants.

  • EBB & Flow System

Although the EBB and Flow System, also known as flood and drain system, is an effective system, but not very much common.

A most broadly used system commercially and non-commercially. In this technique, once activated, the pump drops a droplet of nutrient solution onto the plant base through a small drip line.

Pros & Cons of the Complete Marijuana Grow Tent Kits

Every product has its pros and cons and as a customer, it will be best for you to be aware of what you are investing in.

Here are some key benefits of using a cannabis grow kit and a few disadvantages as well.


  • Better Yield
  • Higher growth rate
  • All year round growth
  • Effective delivering of nutrients in plants with minimum or no barriers
  • Minimum water reduction
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Lower water consumption
  • Less wastage and mess


  • High cost if you are bigger plantation because you need bigger marijuana grow kits
  • You need to monitor the growth critically
  • Requires manual maintenance
  • A new user can take time to understand the system and use which is natural but the learning curve is simple
  • Health and growth of the plant completely depend on the power

Wrapping Up with the Best Indoor Grow Kits

If you are a first time user of a weed growing kit, choose the kit that offers the complete set to grow any plant because it will offer you ease.

Although you can always customize your grow kit, it is best to avail of a solution that requires less hassle from your side. It looks like a good option, and why not when you have some affordable and good indoor grow kits available in the market.

You can easily find a perfect kit in the market because there are a lot of good options available. You can also buy these marijuana grow kit easily online.

We advise you to go through the options on our list, compare them, and read the hydroponic grow kit reviews from other customers, pick your kit, and start harvesting.

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Looking for the best indoor grow kit? Editor`s selection, review & buyer`s guide of the top 10 grow tent kits for growing marijuana indoors