candyland seeds


The cannabis variety Candyland by breeder Ken Estes is a potent hybrid resulting from crossing the Bay Platinum Cookies cut (Girl Scout Cookies x Bay 11) and a Grandaddy Purple male, another legendary strain. Candyland was awarded with the first prize (Sativa category) during the 2012 Kushcorn Cup.

Candyland grows vigorous and flowers fast, being suitable for both SOG and SCROG techniques , either indoors or outdoors. At the end of the flowering period Candyland develops dense and compact buds, completely covered with a thick layer of resin glands and with enlongated and golden pistils.

Candyland has delicious sugary flavour, reminiscent of pink lemonade. The Sativa side of this strain is felt in its effect: stimulant and motivating, it is ideal for social gatherings and artistic activities.

Therapeutically, Candyland is effective to reduce pains and relax muscles, also improving the mood and stimulating the mind, being especially used as anti-depressant.

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