candy jack strain

Candy jack strain

Hit me in the head hard! All head High. Perfect for daytime use.

3.4 from . B it starts with a b, and has a big B as its logo just cant remember name offhand-will correct laterin WA 14.2% thc (the lowest ive ever legally bought) however it wasnt as bad as expected, it had the terpinolene taste and a pleasant cerebral high, worth the price, I think like 8 bucks OTD. I was hoping for more of the cotton candy would show itself, but I deff got more of the JH on this one.

Candy Jack is the super-potent end result of a crossbreed between the famed sativa Jack Herer and the sativa-dominant Cotton Candy. This Cannabis Cup winner has THC levels that can hit 27%, making it easily one of the strongest strains in the world. CBD content, on the other hand, is low, less th…