Can You Ship Weed Seeds In The Mail

Can You Mail Weed Legally in The United States? USPS Delivered Marijuana Seeds. Dude and Scotty, I currently reside in a nonlegal state. I really don’t have that many options on getting any good strains. I have been ordering online through

Can You Mail Weed Legally in The United States?

Have you ever had someone ask you to ship them some cannabis? Perhaps a little something to help Aunty Dot’s arthritis? We know the feeling of going to the Post Office – anxious as hell – to ship an ‘innocent’ brownie to your old mate in Wyoming (where cannabis isn’t legal yet). We wish to tell you it was cool, but it’s not.

The simple answer to the title question would be an unfortunate ‘no’. Even though cannabis has been legalized in most U.S states, ironically to some, marijuana is still very much illegal at the federal level.

And, since the United States Postal Service is a federal entity, cannabis is forbidden via U.S mailing routes.

With that said, there’s more to the rule than meets the general eye. In this article attempts to answer the question of ‘can you mail weed legally in the United States’, we take a closer look at the current legal state of mailing cannabis.

USPS Guidelines Allows Hemp in Mail, but…

In 2019, new guidelines from the US Postal Service revealed the federal agency will ship and deliver some cannabis products, from then on. But wait a minute, these will be specifically hemp products.

Of course, Hemp is a form of cannabis that contains minimal amounts of THC, so it won’t get anyone buzzed and is hence okay to mail. And if you want to ship hemp and CBD products through the USPS, you must have a license from the respective state’s Department of Agriculture. What else do the new guidelines incur? Here’s a roundup;

  • The mailer of the hemp or CBD products must obey by all applicable federal, state, and local laws – such as the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 and the Agricultural Act of 2014 – pertaining to the production, processing, distribution, and sales of hemp.
  • The guidelines state the USPS will now handle cannabis products made from hemp that contains less than 0.3 percent THC.
  • The mailer must retain records establishing compliance with such laws, including laboratory test results, licenses, or compliance reports, for no less than 2 years after the date of mailing.

With the above said, the question, ‘can you mail weed legally in the United States?’, is yet to be answered. Without further ado, let us consider the risks of shipping weed before we make an ultimate conclusion.

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Risks of Shipping Weed by Mail

The risks of mailing marijuana remain significant.

  • You can be charged two ways: Either under federal law, or the law of the state in which the cannabis originated; or the state to which it was sent.
  • Charges will be compounded for interstate trafficking, based on the quantity of the marijuana.
  • Worsening matters, USPS and private carriers’ employees are offered rewards for any useful information leading to the mailing of illegal substances including marijuana. So, as the recipient, your participation in the shipment is enough to involve you.
  • Probably the least of your concern, is that if your product is found, it’s likely to be confiscated. Every year, the DEA publishes particular data on the amount of seized cannabis, and in 2017, the record was broken for Colorado.

How about mailing edibles? Is it any safer than a few grams of cannabis? Let’s take a closer look in the next section.

USPS Delivered Marijuana Seeds.

Dude and Scotty,
I currently reside in a nonlegal state. I really don’t have that many options on getting any good strains. I have been ordering online through gorilla seed bank out of the U.K.
I’ve made several orders never having any major problems. I use that specific seed bank because of the discrete shipping options. It arrives stashed away in a DVD case. I see a lot of seed banks use this method. My last order my package arrived open and empty. Stamped and sealed by the US Postal Service.

(Package received opened and with no contents.)

I was worried for a few day but was doing my reading and from my understanding no one’s allowed to confiscate your package unless they have a federal warrant. And because my package did not arrive with green customs tape I just figured it was gone for the taking.

3 weeks later cough cough
Today I received a envelope from the USPS with a transparent front. Also I should add it was opened. It contained my invoice with all my order info from the seed bank name and address included. It contained five seed packets you could clearly see in the envelope.
No DVD case and two of seed packs were missing.

Of course I am surprised that my package arrive this way. I’m shocked that I even received it at all.
Due to the nature of the situation should I be concerned?

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Yes you can absolutely see everything clearly through the package. I’ve enclosed photos. You can also see at the top it has been opened. Just for the simple fact they were completely taken out of the DVD case and put in this envelope is making me question everything. Everything still fine, I have not heard anything about this. I’m just hoping I have the stupidest postal employees in the country. I have enclosed the pictures of the 1st empty package that came sealed and the second package containing the visible seeds.

Thanks for the help


Wow that’s crazy.

I would be a little concerned. Unlike FedEx or UPS which are private companies who don’t need post master general to sign warrant. Not easy to do. Unless ticking or oozing they have no probable cause to open it past customs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the local unfriendlies were notified though.

Maybe the postmaster was high.

Absolutely insane! That would spook me for sure.

Never a comfortable situation. Stay safe. Hoping your state becomes legal!

If fedex smells your shit what do they usually do?

O man I heard this on the show today and thought wtf shit just happened to me sorta. We ordered seeds from the same place we always order seeds (across the pond). We got a note in the mailbox telling us to come pick them up at the local post office. We asked the mail lady if she could just get it for us and deliver it. Our seeds came in a white piece of paper folded up with no invoice or anything. I am also in a potabition state so yeah we are a little on edge.

damn dude! That would freak me the fuck out!

I’m a longtime USPS employee and thought I would share some postal knowledge with you. Well I can tell you first hand not all postal workers are A holes,You can thank your friendly worker for the delivery of your seeds.Not much chance of a mistake or the inspectors seeing it. You would have merely gotten a letter because they have large amounts of fun substances going through the system. I myself send it right along without making much of a fuss. But today a fellow employee called me to sniff an envelope for my expert opinion. Some idiot sent about 4 grams (Im guessing) in a regular letter without trying to mask it. Yes, this employee turned it in. This sender was an idiot, plenty of ways to hide the smell. The usps is the largest drug delivery service in the world im guessing and doesn’t have time to send swat teams to small time bozo’s. They might get a letter or an opened and resealed envelope, but have little fear of being busted.Never send illicit substances Express mail its the most common way for real dealers to send items and get caught. I would recommend priority mail. Also if you send it in an envelope, Dont send a bulging envelope our sorting machines run at 35 to 40,000 pieces an hour and rip the odd shaped(bulging) letters quite frequently if not culled. Which is what happened with the seeds. If we can identify it enough to send it on, We put it bags or windowed envelopes and it continues its journey. If the Mailman isn’t a dick He laughs and delivers it or turns it in. Our daily volume is much larger than people think and doesn’t get much personal attention IF you don’t do foolish things. Use bubble envelopes with odor bags if you really want it to be safely delivered they more often than not get hand sorted. But I can tell you small amounts will not get you busted.It would take the lazy ass Inspectors too much time to bother with the little fish. So thank your cool postal worker for the delivery of your seeds. Also love the podcasts listen to them all, while sorting the mail. For god sakes people use odor control bags and spend a little more for decent envelopes and smoke on.

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Sorry I left some things out,I just got home from sorting mail all night.If the seeds were in a dvd case the letter or whatever probably got crushed or ripped and the clerk did as previously stated. I have been ordering seeds since the Nevil days and do so without concern, But I wouldn’t do it with a grow in progress and I sure as hell wouldn’t go to the Post office to get your illicit goodies if sent a letter too. That’s what happens if they caught on. But admit nothing and who’s to say what or who sent it too you. The invoice would be a problem if you decide to be stupid and go pick it up.