cackleberry strain

Cackleberry strain

Awful day at work. I get home. 5 hits. 20 min to the effects kick in. Happy, uplifted, and lazer eye focus, i don’t feel dizziness, paranoia or anxiety, at the contrary i feel in a sort way a happy-calmness that takes all anxiety. Very strong head high in deed, mild of eye dryness ( got drops no big deal). And also a heavy dry mouth (not a problem either got plenty of water). At the second hour sleepyness and mild drowsyness. But a steady uplifting mood. Great strain for lifing your spirits if you feel down.

Crackleberry is an evenly balanced hybrid strain created through a potent cross of the delicious Cherry Diesel X Stardawg strains. With this bud – the name says it all. After just a few tokes, you'll be feeling insanely giggly and outrageously happy. The onset has an almost rushing effect, fil…