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Dutch Seeds Shop is listed as “red” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely not recommend to order in this shop! Lots of problems here – or they simply try to fool you.

Overpriced seeds without telling the breeder.

User Reviews

guest United States, August 2020

guest United States, July 2020

First of the selection was amazing and I got exactly what I ordered. Great service and fast shipping

guest Belgium, July 2020

I did not receive my complete order and have emailed multiple times for some form of compensation but am yet to receive any reply. First email was 2 weeks ago at least. No contact number and absent customer service once order was received.

guest United States, July 2020

SCAM they do not ship seeds. Stay away .
They ripped me off for $183 Waited 3 months and no seeds. They said they would refund my money, but they never did.

guest South Africa, June 2020

Never received my order it’s been 2years of support tickets and emailing so I assume it’s a scam

Don’t waste your time or money.

guest United States, May 2020

First time order. Scared to death. Fast delivery. Made it through customs quickly as I tracked using my tracking number. Got a sweet t-shirt and everything was labeled and organized. Just planted my first set of AF PlushBerry and all of them have sprouted. I have more seeds and hope it all goes as well. For my first time order, I couldn’t be happier.

guest Bulgaria, January 2020

I sent 4 emails about updates on my order and I only received a reply 1 time.

The package they arrived in had a return label that said
?LED Grow Lights LTD?. Not very stealthy.

dirtdan Canada, January 2020

STAY AWAY . False seeds advertisement and I NEVER received my seeds. They wont return my emails. STAY AWAY .

guest United States, December 2019

Seeds arrived fast. Got what I ordered.

guest United States, December 2019

Took my money,no seeds,just excuses.Dutchseedsshop is a scam.qsor

guest Canada, December 2019

Had I seen the reviews, I wouldnt have ordered from them. Delivery had me feeling let down but they did eventually show from Bulgaria tucked into a little kat envelope. Once again I was super doubtful but 4 for 4 feminized popped in coco and are looking amazing 20 days into flower after a solid veg.

Ill probably still look elsewhere in the future since they sold me clone only seeds (my mistake should have known better) but they threw in 10 Pk and 10 whatever haze also. Shit in the end so far 100% germ rate and honest fem from my tiny experience, they could be dishonest but not from my 1 purchase.

guest Turkey, November 2019

Dont understand why so bad reviwes was here earlier. After delivery, shop staff asked me publish review here. Why not if everything fine.

So what we have: Really nice service(answers in 24 hours), not very luxury looking pack with good quality seeds with affordable price. Not very fast delivery but im not hurry anywere. Cost is cheaper than in big seed banks. Not very good as gift, but ok for self using

guest United States, September 2019

I didn?t see these review until weeks after I ordered. Like everyone else the website said the order had been processed but there is no way to track it. Fortunately I did get my seeds and free ones in labeled bags that came folded inside a tee shirt. Hopefully they are what the are suppose to be and germinate. I?ll come with update to let everyone know. My order was completed and seeds shipped on sept. 3rd and arrived to my house on sept. 19th. They came from Bulgaria which seems sketchy but I?ll let y?all know.

guest United States, August 2019

I ordered seeds in late June and early July (a few days apart) and finally got a refund the middle of August for my first order, after a lot of email correspondence. Im now going after the 2nd order for a refund. I received emails from Dutch Seeds stating for both orders that my request had been received and was shipped. In contacting them to let them know that my product was never received, they dont like to answer my emails very much. I have to get close to being verbally abusive before they respond and then they give me the run around.

After the reviews I have read Im so glad I never received seed. It looks like Im the lucky one.

guest United States, August 2019

The seeds never arrived nor did I receive a refund.
I waited over a month and sent numerous emails.

F dutch seed shop. I thought it was poor service but its just a scam.
I saw seed finders after my order.

guest United Kingdom, August 2019

Fakereview made via a amazon-cloud IP ( )
regards Christian| seedfinder

original fake-text:
The only place that ive ever gotten unlabeled free seeds from. And thats their standard deal – 10 free regular seeds, and has been for a long time so i dont expect anything different.

guest United Kingdom, August 2019

I have ordered from them a number of times. Seeds come between 7 and 11 days and they all germinated.

guest United Kingdom, July 2019

Fake-review made with an amazon cloud IP (
regards Christian | Seedfinder

Original fake text:
The staff at DSS are very polite and have addressed every need that I have had with my order

guest United States, July 2019

Fake review source amazon cloud ip
regards Christian | Seedfinder

original fake text:
All seeds came up in 9 days and are looking great!

guest United States, July 2019

Another fake review made again with an amazon cloud IP (

regards Christian | Seedfinder

original fake text:
My order came as expected much faster than expected. Easy to work with and the seeds do what they are supposed to every time. (In my case at least)

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Dutch Seeds Shop Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 91 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Dutch Seeds Shop is listed as “red” at the SeedFinder. This

Buy Dutch Seeds Review 2021

If you are in the market for seeds, our recommendation is to give Buy Dutch Seeds a miss and go to a more reputable company. There are many other, better options out there.

Girl Scout Cookies

Buy Dutch Seeds Reputation and History Review

Most serious growers tend to avoid doing business with Buy Dutch Seeds, but some people who are new to the scene still get tangled up with them and end up posting reviews of their experience online. In most relevant forums across the internet, Buy Dutch Seeds has a negative reputation, despite their best efforts to counteract that reputation with numerous positive reviews that appear to be fake.

If you’re ever unsure about what to believe in a forum, first of all do your own research. If that is not a possibility, be inclined to believe long-term, well-known members and moderators of the forum over random user accounts that have been created only recently and have few posts in their history. It is not uncommon for several accounts to be created on the same day, post one positive review of Buy Dutch Seeds, and then never be heard from again. The history of this business is largely a mystery, as is their future if they continue to deliver sub-par products.

Seed Selection and Quality – Seeds-man Review

At first glance, Buy Dutch Seeds appears to have an extensive selection of high-quality products. Upon further inspection, though, it becomes apparent that what you see may not always be what you get.

They claim to offer over 30 cannabis strains, including many Cannabis Cup winners like White Widow, Durban Poison, White Rhino, and Northern Lights, however this is difficult to confirm, as many customers report being shipped a strain that was decidedly not as advertised, if they received anything at all.

Some were completely different strains, others were just of extremely poor quality. So, the selection and quality of Buy Dutch Seeds is spotty at best. You may receive a great product, a bad one, or you may not receive anything at all. It’s a gamble that’s really not worth taking when there are several more consistent businesses that you could be buying from instead.

Super Lemon Diesel

White Widow Max

Super Sour Berry

Customer Service Review

Buy Dutch Seeds’ customer service won’t be winning them a gold star any time soon. Customer service agents are unhelpful at best and downright aggressive at worst. They have even been accused of verbally attacking people who have left them negative reviews in online forums. Emailing the company directly is not much better, either. If you are missing a shipment, the company’s go-to response seems to be telling you to wait, wait a little bit more, then wait longer until it’s been a month or more since you placed your original order.

If you persist through this prolonged waiting period, you may either be completely ignored or told that your order was intercepted by the customs office of your country as contraband, even when the evidence does not support that theory.

One customer was put through this wringer but did not give up, notifying the unresponsive customer service representative that he would be taking to several forums, notifying the people there of his negative experience.

This managed to get the rep’s attention, and he replied that his delayed response was due to an unusual email mishap, and that he “was going to” resend the customer’s order, but would now not do so until the customer “rectified” his negative reviews. After this point, one or two new commenters in the forum began to get unusually defensive of Buy Dutch Seeds, even going so far as to insult him as a person. Bizarre behavior for a casual customer, no?

Website Design and Navigation is actually the crowning jewel of this entire company. Presumably, it has to be professional-looking and relatively user-friendly in order to attract customers, because customer service, product quality, reputation, and follow-through certainly aren’t doing the company any favors in that department.

For the casual internet browser who may stumble across their site with no prior knowledge or context, it can seem compelling. It is well designed and appears to be sufficiently maintained, with engaging pictures that draw the eye, relevant information, and even a company blog.

Price and Payment Options Review

Perhaps the strangest part of the Buy Dutch Seeds saga is that its products are all significantly overpriced, even for quality products of the same description. Their wares are regularly listed a standard deviation or more above regular market value as compared to other, more reputable seed suppliers.

This is very strange because it offers virtually no incentive for buyers to give their business to Buy Dutch Seeds over the other businesses with cheaper prices and better service. This suggests that Buy Dutch Seeds is deliberately marketing itself to those who don’t know any better.

A serious buyer who came across Buy Dutch Seeds prices, even without knowing about their horrible reputation, would know that he or she could do better elsewhere. Someone new to the scene, however, would not see the red flag in their pricing, and likely would not be able to tell that the product is not of standard quality either. This works for Buy Dutch Seeds because it produces a more or less satisfied customer who won’t complain or leave negative reviews.

BuyDutchSeeds Honest Review 2021, Customer Service, Seed Quality, Strain Selection, Prices, Promotions, Free Seeds and more!