bubba kush seed

Bubba Kush – Dinafem

Bubba Kush is a feminised strain that enters the Dinafem catalogue, having used genetics from one of the highest quality Indicas in the world, as is the Bubba Kush Pre’98, available at Alchimia.

This strain of feminised cannabis is small in size and structure, very easy to grow, robust and resistant, and for all its traits and for its aromatic properties, it is included among the 10 best known strains in the USA.

Within 65 days you will get a yield of around 500g/m2 of compact and bulky buds, which will produced on both the main stem and secondary branches.

Soaked in psychoactive resin , they will transform this squat, compact shrub. It has wide, dark leaves, which will aquire violet and purple tones if the temperatures dips below 10°C overnight.

Its aroma is complex with intense undertones. You will detect earthy notes, spices and coffee, fuel and citrus notes. Its effect will be relaxing, powerful and medicinal, deeply reassuring and long lasting.

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