borderline extreme strain

Borderliner ‘XTRM’ Extreme (Strain Review)

This cannabis flower was purchased from Next Level Wellness in Eugene, OR in early December 2019

What we know: There is a good amount of stuff out on the internet about this strain. The story goes that the strain was discovered by Daan Brinkers, who lived in Amsterdam and carried an expedition deep into the Amazon rainforest and the strain was gifted to him by a very reclusive tribe. If you want to read a longer (and very interesting) version of the story, click here.

Most of the literature says this one is heavy on indica body relaxation, and some say the mental and physical effects are balanced.

First Dose: Small dose (.04g smoked in a glass pipe – about one solid hit, held in for 5 seconds)
After a few minutes, I start getting a lightheaded sensation with stimulation in the top of head and face. This increases and a nice euphoric buzz sets in the front of the face as my eyes relax and de-focus. I have the urge to get up and do something, so I do a couple small laundry tasks and then prepare some food to eat. I eat my food while reading a magazine and feel very mellow, yet also stimulated and engaged. Combined with some euphoria, I am really enjoying this, and it is making this delicious ice cream even more delicious.

Thirty minutes in, I’m pretty mentally clear and honestly really craving another hit. I can feel some body awareness and relaxation now. I put on some music and it sounds really rich and vibrant. Overall there’s good sensory enhancement. This strain is just killing it on all levels. I am definitely getting more ASAP.

At about 45 minutes I can feel a nice body glow along with the uplifted mental effects. It is just lovely. After an hour I’m still feeling nice although things are tapering down. My head is still pleasantly buzzy though not as stimulated. Then there’s a slight crash, as I let out a yawn and I’m ready to chill in a couch and watch some TV.

I end up taking another hit and watching The Irishman for about 2 hours. It was a great movie and the experience was definitely enhanced with this strain.

Final Thoughts: Wow, wow, wow. Stimulation, euphoria, sensory-enhancement, relaxation. This strain has it all. This stuff is downright magical. Since there is a bit of a physical crash, it is best reserved for evenings, though taking another dose can help fight that,

Borderliner XTRM is a beautiful balance of stimulation, euphoria, and relaxation that makes life way awesomer.