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Blue Widow is well known as the best choice for collectors looking for a natural and safe way to relieve the stress in their lives. In fact, patients claim it can even help alleviate depression and anxiety as well. But what’s so special about them? Blue Widow seeds come from a cross over of two true classics. The very best phenos of both Blueberry & White Widow were selected and crossed over to create a stable and awe-inspiring batch of Blue Widow cannabis seeds. Blue Widow cannabis seeds are not only considered to be a good choice for indoor gardens but also for outdoor ones, increasing its popularity across the globe.

Is Blue Widow Indica or Sativa

Blue Widow is both Indica and Sativa with a perfectly split blend of 50/50, she is a hybrid with phenomenal potential. This breathtaking strain really gives the best of both worlds and is suitable for all types of users (both recreational and medicinal). Smoke reports say that this strain provides uplifting and calming effects when used. She is well-known by many smokers and those lucky enough to try her will soon find out why!

Blue Widow strain flowering time

A massive advantage of this genetic is the turnaround time. Blue Widow flowering time takes just 8 weeks indoors to produce industry-standard buds that boast huge THC levels along with maximum bag appeal. Outdoor harvests finish early to mid-October. Stunning purple and blue shades can be seen all over the plant later in life (normally during the last 14 days). This strain is vigorous throughout the entire lifecycle when given the correct environment.

How much does Blue Widow yield

When grown indoors, the yield of Blue Widow can weigh in around 550 grams per square meter. The buds are very dense and the main cola will hold the majority of the weight. Side branches are often much smaller but still produce top-quality buds with lots of blue and purple undertones. In the right climate, outdoor crops can reach a huge 1200 grams per plant. Once fully dry the buds are known for their shockingly colourful appearance. Long orange hairs can be seen all over the nugs with purple and blue sugar leaves wrapping around them.

How much does Blue Widow smell

Once the flowering phase comes to the end the matured buds will reek of sweet skunky fruit, as Blueberry goes the smell is not as pungent as normal, the white widow influence is very apparent in the cured buds. Notes of pine can also be picked up when dried carefully and correctly.

How does Blue Widow taste

When flushed and cured there are many taste bud tingling properties the user can detect. Reports say that a strong hash taste along with subtle notes of sweet and sour blueberry are immediately be identified on the inhale.

Overall this genetic scores well in all areas making her a top contender and a must-have in your collection. Blue Widow seeds

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