blue skittles strain

Blue skittles strain

Tried a pre-roll of Blue Skittlez by Cowlitz County Cannabis and the smoke is rather harsh compared to other pre-rolls (shake) even if well-moderated with air. NG as a wake-n-bake because it might make your voice hoarse for a day. The hit is quick-rising yet smooth. It’s true about the earthy taste. Stats on this batch are 22%THC & 0 CBD. If you have a proper vaporizer this would be a good picker-upper around noon especially if you need to move efficiently at work. Not appropriate after work though because the high lasts the usual 2

4 hours with a very gradual roll-off, so long after bedtime I’m still geeking out. Right now local retailer “Marijuana Mart” in Rochester has them on dirt-cheap 1.50 sale, that’s how I found this joint. Buy one and save it in a bag in your refrigerator for when u go cold-turkey but need a brutal reminder once in a while. It’ll hit u hard then.

Blue Zkittlez is a super rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent Blue Diamond with the infamous Zkittlez strain. If you're looking for an addictive flavor and lifted high, you've found it. Blue Zkittlez brings on the mouthwatering taste with sweet candy and citrus…