blue gelato strain

Blue Gelato 41

Blue Gelato 41 is a wonderful indica-dominant hybrid of Blueberry, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. The plant reaches a high size in 63-70 days and produces fat resin buds that are blue or purple in color. Producers of extracts will like it. The yield reaches up to 700 g / m2. Outdoors the plant can reach 2 meters in height. Blue Gelato 41 is easy to grow and resistant to moisture and mold. The strain has a piquant earthy, citrus and sweet flavor. When Smoking, there is a feeling of euphoria and happiness. Brings a clear energetic effect.


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Second Grow with #Barney’s Farm Seeds but with Cali collection this time. Again, really nice and easy grow with a very good outcome and quality of weed. One of the best I’ve ever smoked. I really want to insist on her Incredible color, effects, taste and smell. I was already in love with the blue gelato from the barney’s coffeeshop in Amsterdam, but much more with this one :heart_eyes:
I had 2 little Stress with this one because at the beginning of flowering she show some hermie signs. That was the third time I try to grow this strain but got always hermie sign. By the way I decided to keep her and try to cut all the male flower that I see. It was really quick finish. I’ve got about twenty male flowers and that’s it.

Second stress was about a illness that I’ve never had. I read a lot on the forum and for my opinion it was septoria. So not a big deal because it appears 3 weeks before the cut. So I cut all the big leaves that were too ill and everything goes well till the end. So good disease resistance to septoria.

I will definitely growing it again directly for my next growing.

80 grams dried weight.
Had to harvest early as I started to get thrips in towards the end of flower.
Had to deal with high temps in late flower, drying and curing.

Smooth on inhale and exhale
You can get the slight mint and blueberry taste on the exhale

Lots of lessons and knowledge gained on the 1st grow.

Cant wait for my next grow, new 4×4 tent with a proper led light this time around

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