blue dot strain

Blue dot strain

A great daytime strain for those who need pain relief, while being uplifted, energized, and calmed at same time. I am more indica usually, but if you medicate like me, and sometimes you need the herbs without the couchlock, these beautiful buds, at 25% THC, are great for pain, depression, anxiety (sativas give some people anxiety, but if you live with it chronically like I do, it seems to help me. but that’s just me) also neuropathic nerve pain . Plus its surprisingly good for nausea and appetite , for a Sativa. Overall, a great SativaLeaningHybrid . 5/5 for sativa, 4/5 overall

Blue Dot is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) created by a cannabis patient in Sonoma, California who wanted to combine their favorite strains in order to create something new and exciting. This dank bud is a four-way cross between the hugely popular White Widow X Skunk X Big Bud …