blue cindy strain

Blue Cindy

Take two of the tastiest cannabis genetics available on the market, mix them together and you’ll get a variety worthy of the most refined palates.

Discover Blue Cindy by G13 Labs, a new hybrid with as intensely rich terpene profile, now available online in the feminised cannabis seeds catalogue at Alchimiaweb.

Cultivating Blue Cindy by G13Labs

This cross between Blueberry and Cinderella 99 produces a perfectly balanced Sativa/Indica hybrid. Blue Cindy plants will develop with Sativa characteristics, but with the typical structure of an Indica. Vigorous, resistant, easy to grow, fast flowering, powerful, tasty and productive, Blue Cindy will satisfy every grower.

Plants will keep to a moderate height despite their vigour, which makes it very easy to control their size. A very enjoyable variety to grow, Blue Cindy also shows very good resistance to the various problems you may encounter during a cannabis grow.

This resistance and versatility means it can be grown both indoors and outdoors, giving good results in both cases. Outdoors, it adapts perfectly to Mediterranean climates, some phenotypes may even show purple colours if the temperatures are a cooler at the end of the flowering season.

Consuming G13 Labs Blue Cindy

The combination of Blueberry and Cinderella 99 produces highly resinous flower heads, offering fruity flavours with touches of citrus and pineapple. The Blueberry influence will also contribute the forest fruit notes typical of these hybrids.

The influence of the Blueberry is also noticeable in terms of effects, with a very pleasant and powerfully stimulating, euphoric high. Ideal to let loose after a tough day.

Versatile and resistant Sativa/Indica hybrid, offering fruity flavours and a powerful, euphoric high.