blood orange strain review

Blood orange strain review

I bought a moxie dart pod of this strain which is live resin so in 5 good hits of this strain and woooah. I have such a nice massaging body high with a euphoric calm blissful head high. I just feel uplifted and nice in general. Good strain for kickin it w ur girl or having a lazy afternoon, but not being totally lazy u feel me.

One of my favorites doesn’t bite the lungs when you take a puff first thing after getting up. Helps sooth nausea, relieves pain then after a brief period of Euphoria Energy and Motivation to get on with the day.

VERY gd strain. i found it to be just what I needed after a long day. If available I’d recommend every1 try it! 🙂

Blood Orange is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is a tasty phenotype of the infamous Tangie strain, a cross of Cali Orange X Appalachia. This mouth-watering bud takes the zesty sweet flavor of citrus from its Tangie parentage and infuses it with a heavy hit of spices for a truly delicious f…