black water strain

Black water strain

This Bud is all Indica in every aspect. Don’t smoke and go out!!

The first time I tried that strain, I absolutely fell in love. 110%. I live in Canada, and this is where I first tried it. I then came to this site to do some research on it and I was shocked to find out that it is more commonly found in the south western US since I’m in the TOTALLY opposite direction (North Eastern Canda). I felt that the smoke was a little rough, but I just absolutely loved the high and loved the killer “knock-out punch” it delivers. THANK YOU GOD FOR CANNABIS AND THANK YOU GOD FOR JUSTIN TRUDEAU MAKING IT LEGAL FOR US TO HAVE THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANT. WE NEED, WE NEED, WE NEED TO LEGALIZE WEED.

This presumably sarcastic homage to the Bush-era security firm is actually highly useful as medicine, with applications in treating anxiety, low mood, migraines and other headaches, muscle spasms, nerve pain, and chronic bodily pain. Blackwater isn't especially popular among those who have tried …