biscotti weed strain

Biscotti weed strain

I happen to come across this strain in a cart (vape) and liked it. I usually get carts of flower I know I already like (so i can smoke on lunch break or out for a walk without being obvious) but this was kind of thrown at me like, “try this i promise you will like it” they were right. very relaxing bit not to the point your going to fall asleep unless that is what u want just take an extra few puffs. worked for my ADD and stomach issues DEF need to stock up on this one as its a rare strain to come across

Nice buzz. Great taste. Excellent for pain relief and stiffness.

The buds are super full and lush with an oak color, and the flavor is excellent is really does resemble cinnamon.

Biscotti by Connected is in my top 3 flower. This Biscotti outdoor high is just like freaking uplifted forget to worry about anything.

73%thca live badder from connected.. 2 dabs in and I am on cloud 9. Smell is seriously incredible as well. Leaves me super relaxed and euphoric. This is coming from an everyday smoker of 4ish years with a stupid high tolerance; this got me L I F T E D

Mhm, mhm, I also tell you this! as a boofa of exotic tastes, one hit of this put my brain through ten grand slams. im finna need that dug-out for a while know when you read those strains with delicious names like london pound cake, ice cream cake, cherry pie, all that? this is that sweet delicious kinda shit you think of when you see those names. but done in such a good way. i can not put it into the right words. but. its so purple. and smells so fucking good. as long as u got a good grow, you’re gonna love it if you are picky about flavor like me. the words that come to mind are exquisite, and; I need more.

I love this strain! I finally found my strain I think! From taste to the high its spot on!!

Two hits off of a dug-out. just to taste it, and I was high for hours. Great taste, immediately hits the head. I cleaned the house for the first hour before I realized what I was actually doing.

“No words” this was one of the first Exotics I ever tried, back when Burner was pushing them for Cookies. Let me tell you I found my meaning of life because of Biscotti. seriously. The haze cerebral buzz and face numbing body high will leave you feeling like your favorite republican. The smell is of flower, dough, and earth it can’t ever be compared or confused with anything else, even it’s sister cut Tangie Biscotti. I keep anything Biscotti related in my personal stash because I love it and can’t get enough. So with that being said stop questing google on how good this strain is just buy it you won’t regret it. I tell you this!

Biscotti is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through a delicious cross of the classic Gelato #25 X Girl Scout Cookies X South Florida OG strains. If you're looking for a classic indica with an insanely delicious flavor, you've found it. Biscotti packs everyth…