bigfoot glue strain

Bigfoot Glue (Strain review)

This cannabis flower was purchased from Emerald City Medicinals dispensary in Eugene, OR in early-May 2020.

What we know: Very little. The breeder page says it will “leave you glued to the couch in a state of uplifting relaxation”

First Dose: Small dose (.04g smoked in a glass pipe – about one solid hit, held in for 5 seconds)
Things come on slowly. After about seven minutes I have a very mild little glow in my face. I do some web surfing and start getting mellower. At the 15 minute mark there’s a bit of activation at the front of my face and my mind and body is relaxed. It still seems a bit weak for being around 20% THC. Or maybe it’s just more subtle. I get a drink and play some video games.

At the 45 min mark I’m feeling pretty good. mellow and relaxed and pretty clear-headed but with a nice glow. Yeah this is pretty nice. Things taper out around the 60 minute mark and I’m a bit drowsy on the comedown.

Final thoughts: I guess this one was okay. There wasn’t much too it, but it does a good job keeping you mellow yet functional. It’s beginner-friendly. Probably not that social. Best suited for afternoons and evenings.

Bigfoot Glue relaxes your mind and body out while letting you stay functional