big smooth strain

Big smooth strain

This is my favorite strain although a bit high priced but it is the best mmj for my medical needs, arthritis pain, anxiety/depression. The name big smooth is very fitting, if you’ve never tried this strain give it a go but only if you have the means to afford it!

Very Potent smell & GREAT for all severity of migraines/headaches, pains, cramp pains, insomnia & depression/anxiety disorders ♡ One of my all time favorites but a very stinky strain & very long lasting high 🥰

Does not make good rosin. Grapefruit flavor is too powerful, yields runny.

Love the bright green nugs with bright orange hairs & smells just like sweet vanilla and blueberries

Quickly becoming a favorite, all good zero negative traits, could be a bit much for a casual or new smoker. Great taste, great smell nice tightly packed buds give a better than expected yield so great bang for buck as well, I will admit to being partial to fruity flavored Indica’s

I’ve tried big smooth in vape oil cartridge not that bad. Was hoping for a cookies n cream flavor but got the berry/blueberry vanilla pine nutty taste. Lol Need to try it in flower/bud form to see the difference.

This rare Indica leaning Hybrid by Viola contained 19% THC. Outside of the buds were medium green with touches of purple, while the inside was neon green. Buds had fuzzy peach hairs & white snowy trichomes with bright orange pistils. Sweet berry & blueberry was the taste & smell. Happy, relaxed, & sleepy were the effects. Big Smooth is a Big Winner!

I’m learning it is also the tastiest in the garden with the Blueberry cross. My first harvest was eaten up by mites. I learn. Yet the small harvest is a totally different set of terpines cuz it’s a fantastic all- senses-pumping buzz! Ima gunna learn to grow this strain, mites beware.

Big Smooth is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the insanely delicious OG Blueberry X Cookies and Cream strains. This bud packs an addictive flavor and a rather mellow THC level, making it perfect for any level of user who is looking for a relaxing and long-lasting hi…