big 91 strain

Big 91 strain

This is the happiest buzz for moi. And I’ve tried hundreds of strains cause i’m old. Use both recreationally & medical & this ’91 is always constantly the best buzz hands down regardless of price. Must be fairly easy for pros in the industry to grow proper cause i’ve only had one ounce that was “iffy” type bud.

Great daytime stimulus to help me get up and go with a positive determination — Wonderful pungent super strong smell and taste pleasing sensations .

Great strain in the Hybrid class right here! Great old school skunkiness to it! The high is really uplifting with some good energy. you might clean a little lol. Nice smooth high, not too overpowering! And the come down is nice, just an easy switch from the more Sativa effects into the more relaxing Indica effects! Awesome old school strain for any time of day! 🔥

Chem 91, also known simply as “91 Chemdawg,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain often said to be the parent or family of the infamous Chemdawg strain. Although its exact parentage is unknown due to different stories swirling around, this bud is a patient favorite because…