best mushroom strain for visuals


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  • I totally agree there Psoulocybe the Thai Lipa Yais are great. No body load, very relaxing body buzz. Visuals are out there definitely. I recently did my first day trip on them. If you like to read it here’s the link. -lipa-yias.html

    But, that is just my experience with that strain. You just need to experience it for yourself because, everyone is different and different strains can react to people differently.

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  • DMT. everything you ever wanted man. look mushies will give you visuals yes but aint nothin like sum spice. visual fkn city!

    o and bout the mushies maybe look into a non cubensis magic mush.

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  • I personally like Thai area strains. KSSS and malaysians have always been great to me.

    But for maximum visuals, I find that the setting can be more important than the strain. For visions, I like a pitch black room with headphones on. A bed and my supplies and I’m off to another world.

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  • the thai strains for sure!

    BHT–surreal visuals! no blurriness, real clarity. best in my book hands down.

    KSSS–much the same, yet more waviness, or blurring

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    Personally, my greatest moment concerning visions, is when I mixed about 1 gram of Pan Goliaths with 4 grams malaysian dry, then a 30 gram fresh booster dose of PRs for the first time about an hour in.

    To this day nothing have ever come close to the insanity that I encountered that night. It has become my best ever trip and I almost never talk about it, or what I encountered because I hold it in such high regard, as I learned alot about myself that night. And also because the average friend wouldn’t understand or believe what I saw that night. I can’t even bring myself to write a trip report because I could not come close to doing it justice.

    I used to think some people were just exaggerating what they saw when tripping on mushrooms because I had never experienced anything like that. But now I know.

    Its only when I took some and tried to control all external stimuli that the full effects of the magic became apparent. Even in a dim room it was hard, for me, sometimes to know what was a vision and what were just changes and alterations of the norm. That’s why a completely dark room, absolutely no light, is so important to me. I think it may have something to do with bringing CEVs and OEVs to the same point where they can be viewed simultaneously. Kinda hard to understand now, but if you black out everything, I believe it kicks the mind into overdrive and combines both because my mind thinks I have closed my eyes.

    Its all about finding out what works for you.

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