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Top 10 Best Indica Strains For 2021

We’ve been listening to the community and decided to change the style of these posts slightly. We hope you find more value in them and can learn more from your fellow growmies this way! If you’re a fan of Indica strains, then this article is for you.

Eleven Roses – Delicious Seeds

Eleven roses has won countless awards for its deliciousness and exceptional quality. This 100% pure Indica is the result of crossing Sugar Black Rose with Appalachian Kush, both of which pose spectacular traits for those who enjoy potent, high yielding, fast flowering genetics.

As far as growing Eleven Roses goes, GrowDiaries has seen mixed results. Hydroponics and LST/HST worked extremely well in this case, delivering roughly 163g per plant of dry weight. Other growers have experienced slightly less, but still with very decent harvests of frosty, flavourful flowers.

Black D.O.G – Humboldt Seeds

This is a top quality Indica dominant genetic with a hardy nature. Black D.O.G suits those looking for easy to grow plants filled with flavour and aroma. With a short flowering time of just 48-55 days, Black D.O.G can deliver tasty harvests that will keep any grower happy.

Black D.O.G handles training well and can increase yields with the right guidance. Check out this grower’s diary to see how main-lining, topping and defoliation helped produce around 125 grams per plant. Reported ‘heavy smoke, great for night time’ with smells of ‘berries, grapes and fuel’.

Black Cherry Punch – Pyramid Seeds

As mostly Indica strain, Black Cherry Punch is definitely a top purple cultivar worth talking about. It may be on the longer side in flowering for an Indica, but the patience pays off with a lovely display of bud that spills over with mouth-watering, fruity terpenes.

Effects have been described as ‘powerful’ and ‘relaxing’, making it a great choice for a bed time cap. Follow Trueorganic84’s grow diary to see how Black Cherry Punch develops in home-made soil under LEDs using only water. Looks to be an interesting grow. Good luck!

Chemdawg Auto – Fast Buds

As far as autoflowering strains go, this Chemdawg variety from Fast Buds makes for a pleasant experience, both in the grow room and after drying and curing. Chemdawg Auto grows vigorously and is an ideal strain for Indica fans looking for an easy entry into cannabis cultivation.

Original Auto Chemdawg delivers a ‘strong buzz’ with a sweet, fruity smell and has growers satisfied across the board. Handles training techniques such as LST, allowing it to grow shorter and bushier. Otherwise, this autoflower can grow quite tall, as seen in Lady_NugWitch’s diary, seen below. Even with topping, the plants stretched heavily and left nice yields.

Blueberry Cheese – Barney’s Farm

Blueberry Cheese by Barney’s Farm was bred from Original Cheese and Blueberry to create a powerful, 80% Indica strain. Previously known as Blue Cheese, her parents have gained fame for being some of the strongest in the game. Blueberry Cheese is said to be relatively easy to grow and can produce hefty weight.

Blueberry Cheese responds well to training, as we can see in Stoner_INDICA’s diary. With a variety of techniques applied on clones, these ladies grew to produce around 55 grams per plant, which is very good considering their size and the floor space used to grow them in.

Bubba’s Gift – Humboldt Seeds

Here we present another wonderful strain from Humboldt Seeds. This Indica cross between Bubba Kush and God’s Gift produces dark green and purple plants oozing with sticky goodness. Vegetation may be slower than usual, but the flowering times are quick, at around 8 weeks.

Expect dense buds full of trichomes with a sweet ‘orange with herb undertones’ smell. The plant does not grow huge, but does well with techniques such as ScrOG and can deliver fair harvests under the right conditions. 309g/m2 was not bad at all by this grower, who won Diary Of The Month in November 2018 growing Bubba’s Gift.

Grandaddy Confidential – Pheno Finder

Grandaddy Confidential is a cross between LA Confidential and Grandaddy Purple, created by Pheno Finder Seeds. This seedbank has plenty of tasty strains to try out, but Grandaddy Confidential needs to be mentioned. If you love Indicas, then this bud is likely to go down well.

‘I can’t say enough good things about these genetics’

Although not as common as some of the other strains found being documented on GrowDiaries, Grandaddy Confidential shows great potential. Mongo28 was able to achieve a decent harvest of 145g from a single plant and is highly recommending the strain. She sure is a stinky lady.

Vanilla Kush – Barney’s Farm

Although not so recent since its birth, Vanilla Kush still has a place in our top strains for the powerful Indica experience it provides. This magnificent strain is rich in fruity, lavender, vanilla-like aromas with flavour ‘more like an undefined berry between a blue and black berry taste’.

The high is strong with THC levels reaching around 22% when grown under the right conditions. GrowDiaries users have found success experimenting with this strain by Barney’s Farm, and are pleased with the flavour and potency of the final product, as seen by this first-time grower:

Strawberry Pie Auto – Fast Buds

Autoflowers have been gaining attention in much of the cultivation community, and that’s thanks to seedbanks like Fast Buds. Strawberry Pie Auto is undoubtedly up there with some of the top autos currently being grown around the world. Super easy to grow, responds well to training and delivers large yields for an autoflowering variety.

There are plenty of diaries to follow to learn more about Strawberry Pie Auto, and growers are showing fantastic results with this juicy cultivar. Check out Litngrn’s diary to find out about ‘some of the stickiest bud you’ve ever seen in your life’.

Sweet Deep Grapefruit – Dinafem

Sweet Deep Grapefruit is an 80% Indica genetic from Dinafem that descends from Blueberry and Grapefruit. She grows like a classic Indica, developing a fairly bushy structure with short spacing between nodes. Under colder conditions, Sweet Deep Grapefruit may even show lovely purply colours.

Our final pick won 1st place in Diary Of The Month 2018, posted by Tryhard. This Sweet Deep Grapefruit plant was grown in soil without training under a 600w lamp and ‘she grew like a dream from day one’.


There are lots more Indicas we would like to discuss and the list could go on, but we feel with these 10 strains a grower can be more than satisfied. The following data sheet provides some extra information regarding the strains listed in this article. Happy growing!

Strain Indica Dominance Flowering Time THC
Eleven Roses – Delicious Seeds 100% 55 Days 24 – 25%
Black D.O.G. – Humboldt Seeds 85% 48 – 55 Days 16 – 21%
Black Cherry Punch – Pyramid Seeds 90% 60 Days 25%
Chemdawg Auto – Fast Buds 80% 55 – 63 Days (from seed) 20%
Blueberry Cheese – Barney’s Farm 80% 60 – 65 Days 20 – 23%
Bubba’s Gift – Humboldt Seeds 80% 45 – 50 Days 17 – 20%
Grandaddy Confidential – Pheno Finder Mostly Indica 55 – 63 Days 20%
Vanilla Kush – Barney’s Farm 80% 63 – 70 Days 22%
Strawberry Pie Auto – Fast Buds 85% 55 – 63 Days (from seed) 22 – 26%

We’d love to hear about any Indicas you’ve tried recently that blew your mind, so feel free to leave your top strains down in the comments section!

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