best cheese strains

Best Cheese Strain

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I’m looking for some Cheese. I want a descent buzz of course, but smell and mostly taste are what I’m after. I want the one that give the most cheese smell and flavor. Just best flavor, if the one with the best flavor, isn’t the best smell too. I was looking for the original. Just assuming it would be the cheesiest. Is the real original(or as close as possible) UK Cheese, Exodus Cheese, or just Cheese from a certain breeder/company ? Then I came across Super Cheese by Positronic. From the descriptions I’ve read, that sounds like what I’m looking for. I know how sales descriptions can be though. The ones in this vid at about 40 seconds, are pretty too. Any Cheese experts out there, that can point me to the cheesiest ? lol

I dont believe I’ve ever said “cheese” so many times in less than 5 mins. lol

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Blue cheese. Mmmmm. If u want cheese, with a nice hint of sweetness, then the best cheese strain I have grown or tried would be Blue Cheese from Barneys farm. The picture they use doesn’t do it justice, cuz it came out looking more like the Blue Cheese from Big Buddha seeds. It’s a small plant, so best bet is to veg big because of its little to no stretch

Cheese is just a pheno of Skunk #1. I really want to try purple cheddar from connoisseur genetics. Or cheddarwurst 2 from alphakronik. Well they actually have a few I would love to try. I’m Def a fellow cheddar head. =)

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Exodus Cheese from Greenhouse is as close to the original as a dog to a cat. They sell seeds not quality strains at Greenhouse.

I personaly used to keep an Exy clone back around 03-08/9 and closest Ive ever ad from seed (Quality-stone wise) was actualy ^^^^ Barnies Blue cheese.

None of the seed vars ive tried have ever come close to the clone.

I see DR Rockster claiming that he could have his Cheese#1 (kaliman seeds) tested geneticly to his Cheese clone (easy just change all your mums -dads)

Plus who is making the “This is better than that cheese, Have they tried TRUE exy Clone?”

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I am running some Barnys Farm Pineapple Chunk right now that looks and smells nastier than any cheese I have come across (never had the exodus clone only). It is the most vomit inducing cheesiest weed I have ever smelled seen or smoked with ridiculous potency, there is nothing Pineapple or Skunk about it, just fat cheesy fox tailing buds. I should probably do a grow/smoke report. Its one of my current favorites I cannot stop smelling it.

Edit: I am running a Super Cheese Auto right now I got as an Attitude freebie and it smells very sweet not really cheesy

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Hey dudes,
I done the uk clone only a few runs then a couple years later did a run of the Exodus by greenhouse and it was pretty close i had 1 phono which after a good cure just lacked how pungent the Uk Clone was other than that the high and the taste was there and grew well all 5 beans where great tbh.

One strain to think about would be Blues by UGORG (not sure if i can post this so here goes)
Blues is another Uk clone only which UGORG crossed with his Killer skunk and a lot of dudes always go on about how his Blues is nicer than the Cheese if you can’t get the clone with the same type o high but a nicer taste and better growth.

I’ve also ran the Pineapple Chunk by Barney’s and i had two pheno’s one pineapple leaning pheno and the Cheesey pheno ^ and it was pretty cheesey with similar growth. so enjoy Blazin

anyways hope that is a bit of help.
In short –
If you have time to do pheno hunt and have space check out the Exodus cheese by greenhouse and Consider Blues by UGORG

I'm looking for some Cheese. I want a descent buzz of course, but smell and mostly taste are what I'm after. I want the one that give the most cheese smell…