best autoflower strains 2021

Top 10 Most Popular Autoflowering Strains of 2021

As new cannabis strains continue to emerge, and growers develop nostalgia for the old-school, we notice patterns and trends in seed demand. Using our sales data, we’ve managed to identify the 10 most popular automatic strains of 2021. Check out these unique and impressive varieties, from the potent and flavourful to the productive and stealthy.

As one of Europe’s largest seed banks, we have pretty accurate insight into cannabis industry trends. Based on our data, we’ve identified the most popular autoflowering cannabis varieties within our catalogue for 2021.

These strains—including those from our USA Premium and Classics lines—offer some of the best features you can find in an autoflower, or a photoperiod strain for that matter. They are super easy to cultivate, grow extremely fast, and deliver outrageously tasty terpene profiles.

Check out the most popular automatic strains of 2021, and get some inspiration for this year’s growing season.

Green Gelato Automatic

Following a breeding programme featuring parent strains Green Gelato and Cookies Auto, our team managed to create a variety with a massive THC level of 24%. This groundbreaking leap means growers can now achieve equally powerful buds, but in a fraction of the time. Get ready for an electrifying high that only the best hybrids can provide, as well as a tasty terpene profile teeming with sweetness and earth.

Green Gelato Automatic maintains a medium size throughout the growing cycle, and puts out rewarding yields at the end of it. Indoor plants reach 70–120cm and produce 375–450g/m². Plants grown outdoors in containers and raised beds reach slightly taller heights of 100–120cm and produce up to 175g/plant. Prepare to harvest these beautiful green-orange buds a mere 9–10 weeks after germination.

Discover the top 10 popular autoflowering strains of 2021. You'll find a range of impressive qualities, from THC levels over 20% to bountiful harvests.