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Top 5 High-THC Autoflowering Strains (2020 Update)

Autoflowering strains suck when it comes to potency, right? Wrong. At RQS, we’re proud to announce a whole new line of autoflowers that’ll put even some of the most potent photoperiod strains to shame.

For a long time, autoflowering strains have been criticised for producing lower levels of THC than photoperiod varieties. But with our new line of autoflowers, that’s all changed. Below, we shine a light on our fresh roster of super potent autoflowering cannabis strains.


We get this question a lot, and the answer is yes; autoflowering strains are definitely worth it. They are super easy to grow and can produce some spectacular bud, especially if you plant them in big pots under strong lights.

Plus, the fact that autoflowers don’t need to be pruned or trained makes them ideal for beginner growers. Their short stature allows them to fit into small indoor grow rooms or stealthy outdoor grows, and their short flowering time means you can typically pump out multiple harvests throughout the year.


And now, thanks to our new line of genetics, autoflowering strains can finally stand up to their photoperiod competitors in terms of potency. The strains listed below are capable of producing up to 24% THC!


In 2018, Gelato was named “Strain of The Year”. Green Gelato Automatic is our very own unique autoflowering version of this beloved hybrid. This is one of our most aromatic strains, and it produces massive levels of THC that’ll give even a top-shelf Haze a good run for its money.

Green Gelato Automatic boasts everything you love about our photoperiod Green Gelato strain in a neat autoflowering package. Like the original strain, Green Gelato Auto boasts balanced effects that combine a relaxing, physical stone with cerebral euphoria.

This strain is first on our list for a reason; Green Gelato Automatic can produce up to 24% THC, making her one of the most potent autoflowers on the market. You’ll only need a few hits to feel her powerful effects.

Many find Green Gelato Auto to be a great strain for creative exploits. Consider giving her a try while painting, writing, or composing music, or while socialising with friends at parties.

Green Gelato Auto is an absolute fiesta when it comes to flavour and aroma. On the nose, she’s fruity and citrusy, while boasting super sweet, slightly earthy flavours. Green Gelato Auto is also super easy to grow. She reaches a maximum height of 120cm and is typically ready to harvest 70 days from germination.

Green Gelato Automatic
Green Gelato Automatic
Green Gelato x Cookies Auto
375 – 450 gr/m2
70 – 120 cm
7 – 8 weeks
THC: 24%
Sativa 55% Indica 40% Ruderalis 5%
100 – 175 gr/plant
100 – 120 cm
9 – 10 weeks after sprouting
Clear, Physically Relaxing


Amnesia Haze Automatic brings autoflowering properties to this classical sativa variety. Featuring 50% sativa, 20% indica, and 30% ruderalis genetics, this strain has been finely tuned for your growing and smoking pleasure.

Every smoker loves a packed bowl of sativa when a task needs doing, or when they feel their creative side emerging. The downside of some sativa varieties is the length of time it takes them to mature.

Although some growers might have the patience and resources to see a photoperiod sativa through to harvest, others grow under more restrictions. For these people, they will be pleased to realise that Amnesia Haze Automatic explodes from seed to harvest in as little as 10 weeks!

So, aside from its lightning-fast growing speed, what else can Amnesia Haze Automatic bring to the smoker and grower? Well, when harvest time arrives, you will be greeted by resinous buds that contain 18% THC. That is some pretty strong bud. Amnesia Haze Automatic flowers also contain decent amounts of CBD.

If you grow indoors, you can expect your plants to reach a height of 100cm and produce a yield of around 350–400g/m². If you live in a warm and sunny climate and decide to plant your green babies outdoors, you can expect them to reach a height of 120cm and kick out a yield of approximately 180g/plant when dried.

When smoking your Amnesia Haze Automatic harvest, you will experience a mixture of sweet and spicy taste sensations, accompanied by the classical taste of Amnesia strains. This will be complemented by a cerebral, uplifting, and motivating psychoactive high.

Amnesia Haze Automatic
Amnesia Haze Automatic
Amnesia x Ruderalis
350 – 400 gr/m2
50 – 100 cm
7 – 8 weeks
THC: 18%
Sativa 50% Indica 20% Ruderalis 30%
130 – 180 gr/plant
100 – 120 cm
11 – 12 weeks after sprouting
Clear, Uplifting


Fat Banana is a super aromatic RQS strain that produces big, dense, and resinous buds. Fat Banana Automatic is her autoflowering cousin. Indica-dominant, fast-flowering, and capable of producing up to 22% THC, Fat Banana Automatic has to be one of the most potent autoflowers available today.

Like the original, Fat Banana Automatic produces a hard-hitting body stone. She’s best enjoyed in the evening while watching a movie, listening to your favourite record, or just before bed. Don’t be fooled into using this strain during the day, as it’ll likely affect your ability to focus.

In terms of flavour and aroma, Fat Banana Automatic is very similar to the photoperiod original. She boasts a big, tropical fruit aroma with bold notes of banana and hints of mango. When smoked or vaped, Fat Banana Automatic is very sweet and smooth, making it hard to put her down.

Thanks to her short flowering time and short stature, Fat Banana Automatic is super easy to grow. She takes just 9–10 weeks to go from seed to harvest and reaches a height of just 100–120cm. Despite its size, this strain is still able to produce heavy harvests of up to 450g/m² indoors and 175g/plant outdoors.

Fat Banana Automatic
Fat Banana Automatic
Fat Banana x Cookies Auto
375 – 450 gr/m2
70 – 100 cm
7 – 8 weeks
THC: 22%
Sativa 20% Indica 70% Ruderalis 10%
90 – 175 gr/plant
80 – 120 cm
9 – 10 weeks after sprouting
Calming, Clear


The word “gorilla” in a strain is a mark of its potency. The pummelling power of a gorilla is certainly the only comparison that comes to mind for our Royal Gorilla Automatic. This autoflowering version of Royal Gorilla incorporates qualities of ruderalis, sativa, and indica.

While skewing mostly toward indica, there will also be a cerebral head high to look forward to. Plus, it will be ready for plucking only 8–10 weeks after germination. This strain is also adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The resulting bud won’t disappoint with its THC content of over 20%.

This strain will bring on a wave of happy feelings, with a head high that gives way to couch-lock. This sensational journey also comes with a rich array of flavours. The diesel edge to this plant’s aroma is complemented by traces of pine, citrus, and forest fruits. Royal Gorilla Automatic has to be among the most satisfying of our autoflowering cultivars.

Royal Gorilla Automatic
Royal Gorilla Automatic
Gorilla x Cookies x Ruderalis
325 – 400 gr/m2
70 – 100 cm
6 – 8 weeks
THC: 20%
Sativa 30% Indica 50% Ruderalis 20%
120 – 170 gr/plant
80 – 140 cm
10 – 12 weeks after sprouting
Heavy, Physically Relaxing, Stoned


Hulkberry Automatic is our very own autoflowering version of the award-winning sativa Bruce Banner #3. We started by crossing Ghost OG with Strawberry Diesel to create a strain with the potency and unique terpene profile to match the original. We then crossed the result with Auto Ghost OG to pass on the autoflowering gene without driving down potency. The progeny is Hulkberry Automatic, a super aromatic and potent autoflower (she boasts up to 21% THC) that produces an exceptional creative high.

This strain produces strong, uplifting, and alerting cerebral effects. It’s a great daytime smoke as it won’t hinder your productivity or focus, and it goes particularly well with any kind of creative activity (like painting or writing). Like Green Gelato, this is also a great social smoke to share with friends.

Besides its uplifting high, Hulkberry Automatic also boasts exceptional aromas and flavours. On the nose, this strain smells of fresh, sweet strawberries reminiscent of Strawberry Diesel. When smoked or vaped, however, Hulkberry Automatic is spicy and earthy, with unique woody undertones. This strain is particularly high in the terpenes limonene, linalool, and myrcene.

Finally, like any good autoflower, Hulkberry Automatic is super easy to grow. She reaches a height of about 100cm and is completely harvest-ready in 65–70 days, producing decent harvests of 450g/m² indoors and up to 100g/plant outdoors.

Autoflowering strains have long been criticised for their potency. But things have changed. Here are 5 of the most potent autos on the market.

Top 10 Best Autoflowering Seeds for 2020 Growers!

There’s a lot to love about 2020’s best autoflowering seeds or auto strains, and many reasons why you should consider adding them to your shopping cart if you haven’t already. There are many autoflower seeds to choose from with various THC content. Meaning, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Not only do the best autoflowering cannabis strains help you turn around prime marijuana quickly and effectively, but they flower with age instead of by changing life cycles. Because the top high yield autoflowering marijuana seeds can complete their life cycles in as little as 9 weeks from seed or 60 to 70 days approximately, you can get multiple harvests each year – even when you’re growing outside.

And if you’re growing marijuana indoors, you’ll have an even better results – you can grow the highest yielding autoflowering strains in small spaces without having to worry about running out of room or about other people finding out. The top indica and sativa blends let you produce a high volume of pure cannabis in minimal time and with very little space.

Ready to learn more about the best autoflowering cannabis seeds of the year – as well as how to grow them? Here’s everything you need to know to start adding autoflower seeds to your shopping cart, and grow some potent weed. .

Top 10 Autoflowering Seeds For High Yield And High Potency

1. Jack 47

Jack 47 is made by crossing Jack Herer Auto and AK-47, two cannabis strains that come together to produce one of the top 10 autoflowering strains. Produced from years of hard breeding,the hybrid has won multiple awards.

It can reach up to 1.2 meters, so while it isn’t the shortest plant you’ll find, it is impressively yielding. Still, it is relatively dense and compact and produces resinous buds with high THC content that offers a potent, knockout high. You’ll yield up to 200 grams per plant when produced outdoors, with the plant growing from seed to harvest in just 70 days or 10 weeks.

  • Yields up to 200 g/plant when grown outside
  • Produces dense, resinous buds
  • Strong genetic background
  • Takes 9 or 10 weeks from seed to harvest

2. AK-47

The other top-rated autoflowering plant, AK-47 includes a potent blend of 65% sativa and 35% indica. It is also one of the best-feminized cannabis seeds that are effortless to grow.

Its THC content produces a mellow, uplifting effect. AK-47 is one of those autoflower seeds that is perfect for the smoker looking for a creative or social high . It contains up to 20% THC and can be grown indoors or outdoors in a cool climate. It has a pungent, sweet-sour flavor and can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions like depression, lack of appetite, and chronic pain.

  • Offers a mellow high
  • Has up to 20% THC
  • Grows in a compact fashion
  • Must be grown in cool weather outdoors

3. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is sold by several authoritative seed banks. A legend in autoflowering seeds, this strain is indica-dominant and combines one of the top 10 ruderalis strains with Northern Lights. It is powerful and produces a sweet, succulent flavor. It is relaxing and can be used to ease away all kinds of aches and pains.

Northern Lights has the ability to go from seed to harvest in just 8 weeks to 9 weeks, although sometimes it takes a bit longer. It can grow up to 1.2 meters high, which isn’t the shortest but also not the tallest plant you will find.

This autoflowering strain can produce up to 200 grams when produced in optimal conditions and is great for beginning and veteran growers alike.

  • Produces up to 200 grams per plant
  • Has a relaxing, uplifting high
  • Excellent genetics
  • Takes 9 weeks from seed to harvest

4. White Widow

One of the most infamous strains of marijuana, White Widow contains tons of THC and looks fantastic with all of its orange hairs and white trichome crystals.

Produced from some of the best autoflowering strains, white widow is a great option for beginners seeking a high yield autoflowering strains. It’s from Spain and consists of 60% indica, 10% ruderalis, and 30% sativa. It yields a powerful high and only takes 8 weeks from seed to flowering time

  • Has a dank flavor with a smooth buzz
  • Grow sin a compact fashion
  • Has 21% THC
  • The high might be too intense for beginners

5. Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is an indica-dominant pot plant that is produced from some of the most potent genetics. A top-selling autoflowering seed strain, it combines fragrances like wood, spices, and even lemon.

Pineapple Express grows to a medium height and has very short flowering time – usually less than 8 weeks. If you are trying to grow marijuana seeds in a small, cramped place, this is one of the best for you to consider.

Best yet, Pineapple Express cannabis seeds produce plants that yield an enjoyable, relaxing, and long-lasting high.

  • Can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse
  • Has a fruity pineapple flavor
  • Grows to a short height under 100 cm
  • Soil needs to be well-aerated

6. Amnesia Haze

There’s no doubt that Amnesia Haze can pack a punch, but did you know it is also one of the autoflowering seeds that people look for?

It has a height of 80-40cm which is great for indoors but you can also plant this outdoors with minimal monitoring. Amnesia Haze is also known for being the cannabis that has won a lot of awards in the Cannabis Cup Awards (CCA). It consists of relaxing properties with a long-lasting buzz that develops overtime.

Although it has all these amazing elements, its downside is its flowering time which could take up to 11 weeks. Nonetheless, it is certainly worth the wait.


  • Produces large buds
  • 25% THC, 90% pure sativa
  • Resistant to mold and disease
  • Can be ready in just 9 weeks


  • Up to 11 weeks of flowering time

7. OG Kush

If you want to grow one of the top 10 autoflowering strains but don’t have a lot of room to do so, you might want to consider OG Kush. sure, most of the top 10 ruderalis strains are low-growing, but OG Kush is exceptionally so.

This strain is designed for growing in small places like tight closets or grow rooms. It only grows to about one meter tall, something that’s practically unheard of in the world of weed. It has excellent genetics that make it grow in a uniform manner and since its lineage is pure Kush, it will also be one of the most-loved autoflowering seeds strains to give you a euphoric high.

The taste leaves nothing to be desired, either. It is peppery and light, with hints of sour citrus. The autoflower strain packs a punch of 15-20% THC and CBD of up to 1%.

  • Great for stress relief
  • Has a peppery taste
  • Grows in a compact, short fashion
  • Takes 75 days for flowering time

8. Blueberry

Designed as a blend of strains from Afghanistan and Thailand, this autoflowering pot strain includes both Purple Than Sativa and Afghanistan Indica. It’s 85% indica and just 15% sativa, lending a heavy and relaxing effect to the user.

One of the sweetest tasting cannabis strains you will find, this autoflowering seed strain is true to its name. It has a pleasant fruity flavor, not unlike that of blueberries and has been winning awards since its inception in the 1970s.

This strain of cannabis also provides users with extensive medicinal benefits. It can be used to help treat migraines, ADD, insomnia, muscle spasms, depression, nausea, and more.

It doesn’t just taste like blueberries, either. You’ll also pick up notes of vanilla and pine. Overall, this potent autoflower strain has an earthy, fruity flavor.

It offers a euphoric high and is simple to grow. It has a flowering time of just 55 days and can be grown both indoors and outdoors, though it prefers cool growing temperatures. It will yield about six ounces per plant outdoors and is ready for harvest in mid-October.

  • Easy to grow and harvest
  • Has a pleasant taste like blueberries
  • Flowering time starts in just 55 days
  • Must be grown in cool weather outdoors

9. Bubblelicious

If you like bubble gum, you will love this high yield autoflowering strain from Seedsman Seed Bank . It has high levels of CBD and moderate amounts of THC for you to enjoy – plus, it tastes sweet, earthy, and floral – just like your favorite pink bubblegum.

When you smoke Bubblelicious, you will be rewarded with an uplifting, euphoric and downright relaxin high. It is also frequently used as a medicinal marijuana variety because it can be used to treat stress, depression, and insomnia.

This plant is lovely to look at, too. It produces vibrant pink buds that are exceptionally sticky. It was created by combining one of the top 10 ruderalis cannabis seeds to the genetics of pink bubblegum marijuana strains. It only takes about six weeks from seed to enter flowering time, and you will yield up to 300 grams per square meter.

  • Grows short and compact
  • Takes just six weeks in flowering time
  • Can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse
  • Does not contain a lot of pure THC

10. Bergman’s Gold Leaf

Bergman’s Gold Leaf is offered by one of the top autoflower seed bank retailers you will find – ILGM, or I Love Growing Marijuana .

Developed by the founder of ILGM, Robert Bergman, Bergman’s Gold Leaf is the one you must try. It contains high levels of both CBD and THC, yet provides a smooth smoke that offers a related, euphoric experience.

These cannabis seeds are easy to grow yet are quite powerful nonetheless. You’ll get a decent yield of sticky buds, regardless of whether you are growing this high yield autoflowering strain indoors or outside.

One of the top 10 ruderalis strains, it can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions such as insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, and more. It can also create a serious case of the munchies, so it’s great for treating eating disorders, too.

With both indica and sativa properties, this strain can help you be more creative and also create a feeling of euphoria. It has a sweet, pine-like, and earthy flavor that you will not mind savoring slowly. Like White Widow, It contains 21% THC and a high level of CBD, too.

  • One of the top-rated autoflowering seeds (feminized)
  • Easy to grow indoors or outside
  • 56 days for flowering time
  • Can be difficult to find this strain at the other autoflowering seed banks

Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick The Right Seeds?

How Do Autoflowering Seeds Actually Work?

To understand how autoflowering seeds work, you need to first understand how regular seeds produce marijunaa. It’s quite simple.

Regular cannabis seeds produce buds as a response to changes in the light cycle. Generally, that means that when you are ready for your cannabis plants to flower, you must change your twenty-four hour cycle of light to eighteen hours of light and six hours of dark, or to twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness.

This change notifies the plant that it’s time to start producing buds, as it makes the plant believe that winter is coming.

Autoflowering seed strains, on the other hand, do not produce buds as a response to a change in light – they just do it when they are ready. Therefore, you will not need to fidget with your grow lights .

What Are the Benefits of Growing Autoflowering Seeds?

How are autoflowering seed strains created? There’s no magic involved – these plants are simply a wild form of marijuana that is naturally autoflowering. They enter flowering stages more quickly and although you might get a slightly smaller yield, you won’t have to be as hands-on during the growing and flowering time.

The time required to go from seed stage to flowering is dramatically reduced with autoflowering strain. You can progress from seed to flower in less than 60 days, in many cases.

These are some of the top seeds for outdoor growers , too, since you can get multiple harvests in one season, you don’t have to stress as much about inclement outdoor weather or inopportune growing conditions. You will have greater control over your plants, regardless of whether you are growing marijuana plants indoors or outside.

The top autoflowering strains also tend to be very small in stature, meaning you can hide them easily in small grow tents or grow rooms. They are also mold-resistant , in most cases, lending you an easier overall growing experience.

Are Choosing Autoflowering Seeds Worth It?

If you’re thinking about growing autoflowering cannabis, you’re making a smart choice. While there are plenty of other cannabis seeds you can choose from, strain like White Widow get rid of a lot of the inconvenience of growing cannabis.

Autoflowering cannabis eliminates the need for you to change the light cycle. These plants will flower after a certain amount of time has passed. While non-autoflowering cannabis can take up to 8 weeks in flowering time, autoflowering cannabis eliminates that waiting period altogether.

Plus, these seeds tend to be better adapted to cold, harsh environments. After all, autoflowering weed strains originated in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, so it’s used to a shorter growing season.

If you are a grower seeking immediate gratification, autoflowering cannabis is the way to go. You can start your cannabis seeds one day and go from seed to harvest in as little as 7 to 8 weeks.

How Much Does an Autoflower Yield?

Typical autoflowering plants tend to be somewhat small. You are going to sacrifice a bit on your yields in order to make up for that in speed. Most plants don’t yield more than 10-50 grams per plant, but there are some plants that can yield up to 100 grams – this is rare, however.

Do your research to find the right autoflowering cannabis strain for you. Most, like White Widow, yield an average 18-21 ounces per plant.

Want to grow marijuana plants that have short flowering time and produce high yields quickly? Consider some of these best autoflowering seeds of 2021.